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This Husband Has Another Woman Just Right Upstairs.

This Husband Has Another Woman Just Right Upstairs.

Many of us would probably agree that being in a committed relationship is really hard. There are a lot of things to juggle, first is your time for work, family, and as well as your time that you need to spend with your partner. You also need to adjust to your partner's unique characteristics and traits and this is really stressful especially when both of you are pressured to the many things that are happening with your lives. Sometimes you try to make it work and yet there are times that you gave up and the relationship falls apart.

Also, there are times that because of the things that are happening, people are looking for love from others instead of their partners and started to give in to the things that are unforgivable. Yes, there are a lot of cheating stories circulating all over social media and there are times that we can relate to these stories because we may be experiencing it right now or we saw it happened to our friends and loved ones. Just like what happened to the story of this couple who apparently has been making a buzz all over social media. People were shocked by their love story for the man had a love affair with another just right upstairs of the apartment they were living.

A video is now going viral all over social media after the YouTube channel of the broadcasting network "GMA" featured a complicated love story of a couple and a mistress who lives in the same building. We all know that there are a lot of cheating stories that are going around on social media but this one is really shocking.

The story shows a happy couple who are living a happy life together. They were so in love with each other and they were anticipating the birth of their baby. They were passionate about each other and have dreams for the future of their family.

But little did they know that a certain person from the past will visit them and started to ruin their relationship. Apparently, the man had an ex-girlfriend who is obsessed with him and she really wants the man for herself.

She was so obsessed and clingy that the man was fed up and so the man broke up with her and she ended up in misery. But she just couldn't stop all the years she is bothering the man, up until the man found another woman in which he falls in love with.

The deranged ex-girlfriend thought of a plan in ruining their relationship. So she stalked the man and found the place where he is living. She discovers that the couple was happily in love with each other and there is a baby on the way.

The next day, the woman decided to live upstairs in order to tempt the man in cheating from his current partner. Because the wife is pregnant, the man fell into the woman's trap and they had an affair but little did the man know that the woman will destroy the relationship that he had with his wife.

The woman pretended to be friends with the wife and the man was furious about the scenario that is happening, so he started to beat the woman. The woman complained to the wife that she was beaten up by his husband and she even got the police involved. The man was arrested and the wife was broken into pieces and at the end, the woman destroyed the relationship. Pretty crazy right?

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Source: GMA Network | YouTube


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