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People Speculate That Angelica Panganiban's Secret Admirer Is Carlo Aquino.

People Speculate That Angelica Panganiban's Secret Admirer Is Carlo Aquino.

There are a lot of mysteries in the world and also in one’s life. Mysteries happen for a reason and they give us a lot of questions that will boggle your minds. There are a lot of stories that were under the category of mystery. Those mysteries keep us being clueless about the things that are happening. They start to leave questions that we tend to answer. It keeps us eager to look for answers and it sometimes leads us to give conclusions. But there is only one thing that is certain, they don’t like to give away much information about what is truly happening. 

Just like having a secret admirer, it gives us the feeling of being wanted, but sometimes it also gives us the feeling of fear for who was the one behind of that stuff. But not all have their own secret admirer. Mostly, gorgeous people are the ones who have secret admirers. But it does not mean that only the ones who are beautiful and handsome have admirers, there are some who looks fine and has a very pleasing personality that has secret admirers. Well, from the word itself, ‘secret admirers’ it means that they are someone who admires you that don’t want to reveal their identities.

It’s pretty normal for celebrities to have admirers, from the fame they already have, it is not very questionable that they have someone who admires them. Aside from the beautiful face the possess, for sure they also have talents.

Many celebrities have an acting prowess, some could sing, some could dance, while others can do both. That is why they have a lot of fans and admirers. Just like the ever gorgeous, Angelica Panganiban. Angelica Charlson who is commonly known in the showbiz industry as Angelica Panganiban is a very beautiful actress and comedian. 

She started in the industry when she was just 6 years old. She already possesses a very beautiful and angelic face that is very evident until now and really stands for her name. She also has the charisma that could charm a lot of people. 

She is naturally funny and you can really get along well with her basing on how close she is with her friends. She is also known to be a ‘hugutera’ in a tv show in the Kapamilya network. She does many ‘hugots’ about love that many of us can truly relate. 

She is all that a man could ask for. The beautiful face, the talent and the wits she has could really charm a man. This may be the reason why she has a lot of admirers and just recently she thanked a mystery sender who gave her a bouquet of flower. Which she posted on her Instagram stories. A lot of her fans speculated that the mystery sender might be her ex-boyfriend, Carlo Aquino who is also single like her. 

She was asked in an interview about her stand of dating Carlo again, she answered, “Matalik kong kaibigan yan. Ang maganda kasi sa amin naging magkaibigan kami after. Kasi nagsimula siguro siya sa friendship, naging magkaibigan kami nang mahabang mahabang (panahon) sabay kami lumaki e. Ayun, kaya siguro nung naghiwalay kami walang galit sa amin. Maayos ‘yung hiwalayan.”

She also admitted that Carlo asked her out. “Inaaya naman niya ako. Huy mamaya mapanuod niya ‘to, magexpect naman ‘yun. Kasi marami kaming pag-uusapan,” she told Vice Ganda during the interview. 

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