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Janella Salvador Explains Her Absence In Shows And On TV Because Of A Severe Illness.

Janella Salvador Explains Her Absence In Shows And On TV Because Of A Severe Illness.

Sometimes we hear updates from people about celebrities being missing in their shows and mall tours. This is a given since fans and the media are always on watch on them. Fans and supporters are always worried about their favorite stars whenever these things happen to them and yet we are always waiting for our favorite celebs for updates and were seeking for the reason as to why they are absent. Most of the time these things are always viral and many speculations are going around because of their absences.

This is because the internet is really open to the opinions and thoughts of these celebrities. As fans, we can only do so much and we can only give love and support to them and we cannot control the outcome of what's going to happen in social media. But then again sometimes celebrities are absent because they have a condition that hinders them to go to work. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal celebrity, Janella Salvador. People were surprised after hearing what the actress revealed on her social media account and they are now making a buzz about it on social media.

A video report is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Showbiznest Video" featured the actress Janella Salvador. We all know that the actress is really famous all over the country because of the amazing talents, dazzling beauty, and great charisma that she displayed in the showbiz industry. 

She rose to fame after making her debut role in the famous series called "Be careful with my heart". Ever since then the actress did a lot of projects such as "Oh my G!" and "Born for You". She quickly became famous and now built a huge following all over social media and her fans are always waiting for updates about her life.

Recently, sad news fell on the internet as the fans discovered what's the reason behind the absence of the actress. People were all wondering why the shows are postponed and were moved at a later date. Now, those questions are now answered as the actress herself gave out a reason of what really happened to her.

In a Twitter post, she wrote that on Thursday morning she's really not feeling well. She's really sick and was having a hard time in breathing and moving. Rashes were all over her and her temperature is over 39 degrees Celsius. At first, they thought it was dengue so she was immediately brought to the hospital get it checked.

According to the result, the actress has a viral infection which leads to a high fever, rashes, and dropping of the platelet count. Series of lab tests were made to her so that doctors can confirm whether it was dengue but the results went out as negative and it was a viral infection that's needed to be treated.

Doctors advised her to get some rest and they were all hoping that she is going to be okay in the coming days. People were immediately caught in the post and they are now talking about it all over social media.

Fans are so worried about her and they were all praying for recovery and for her to get back soon to her work in the showbiz industry. The video went massively viral on social media and many social media channels, pages, and websites shared the video.

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Source: PEP | ABS-CBN


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