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Jodi Sta. Maria Admits Real Score Between Her And Jolo Revilla.

Jodi Sta. Maria Admits Real Score Between Her And Jolo Revilla.

We often hear what other people say about second chances in love is that it is sweeter the second time around. Yes, love can sometimes be complicated and very hard to handle because of the many challenges we have in life but at the end of the day it all boils down to love. Though there are misunderstandings and hurts in the past, in the end, if you truly love each other you will find your way back to love. This is common to many people, giving love a second chance to fill in their lives and to hope for a better future with the partner they are committed to.

It is a very beautiful thing to witness especially when it comes to our favorite celebrities whom we are idolizing since the beginning. As fans and supporters, we are always happy to see them finding their way back into love and to give a person who has hurt them before a second chance in fighting for the love that they had. This is seen with the phenomenal actress Jodi Sta. Maria recently in a video that is making a buzz on social media. People were surprised of what she said in the video and they are now going crazy about what's happening with her love life.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "ABS-CBN Entertainment" featured the actress Jodi Sta. Maria. We all know that the actress is really famous all over the country as she is one of the most beautiful and one of the most talented actresses in the showbiz industry.

She built a huge fan base all over the country and many people have followed and admired her whether it was online or in real life. She is so famous in the Philippines that wherever she goes, the actress will be mobbed by many people who want to have a picture of her.

With all these in mind, many people wanted to get to know more of their idol and they were all wondering how is her love life right now. Apparently, the video speaks about the updates about Jodi's love life and people are going crazy about it.

In the video, you can see that Jodi is being interviewed by the TV host Boy Abunda. She was asked a killer question and that is "Kung dalawang ang puso mo, sino ang dalawang lalaki na pagbibigyan mo nito." The actress wanted to answer his son Thirdy but he was interrupted by the TV host that her son is exempted.

She then answered that one is her brother and the other is her current boyfriend, Jolo Revilla. She explained that she already gave her heart to him and she couldn't stop herself from admitting that her heart belongs to Jolo Revilla.

We can remember that the two have been in rumors that they are dating again but now it is confirmed that they are in a relationship and really happy.

A post shared by Jolo Revilla (@jolo_revilla) on

A post shared by Jolo Revilla (@jolo_revilla) on

The actor Jolo responded on his Facebook and have told everyone how happy he is and how much he loves Jodi. People are now so excited for the two and you can feel that love is really in the air. 

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