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Jose Manalo Inulan Ng Binatikos Matapos Sampalin Si Maine Mendoza On Air.

Jose Manalo Accidentally Slapped Maine Mendoza on Eat Bulaga.

There are a lot of things being caught on camera and was brought to social media. People are always curious and fascinated by these things especially when a big celebrity is being involved. Such things can easily go viral because we know that famous people like celebrities have a huge following and people are always on them. That is why celebrities tend to be extra careful whenever they are in front of the camera whether it was saying things or actually doing things live on air. As fans and supporters, we can only give our love and support to them but we cannot control what others might say.

Yes, the internet is really open when it comes to opinions and criticisms from people and one mistake can easily become a huge topic all over social media. Just like what recently happened with the superstar actress Maine Mendoza and the phenomenal actor Jose Manalo. They are now making a buzz all over social media after people saw one of their episode in the noontime show called Eat Bulaga. People are now talking and giving out their sentiments all over social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Showbiz Trendz Viral" featured the actress Maine Mendoza and the phenomenal comedian Jose Manalo. We all know that Maine Mendoza is popular all over social media because of her great skills and amazing beauty.

She rose to fame in the show called "Kalye Serye" together with her love tandem partner Alden Richards. She became an instant in the country and many people admired and followed her both online and in real life.

Likewise, the superstar comedian also rose to fame in the same show being guided by Bossing "Vic Sotto" together with his partners Paolo Ballesteros and Wally Bayola. Together the trio took the showbiz industry by storm with their hilarious skits and jokes and soon they have met Maine in Kalye Serye.

With all these in mind, Maine Mendoza and Wally Bayola are really close with each other as they were working together for years in Eat Bulaga. 

Recently, the two have been making a buzz all over social media after people saw a video of them at the Barangay. People were quite surprised and they are now talking about it all over social media.

In the video, you will see the usual thing that they do. They enter the house of the participant and they are doing a skit about a family. While doing the skit, Paolo and Jose were caught in the fight and then Jose slaps Paolo in the face. Then came Maine Mendoza in the scene and complained about the slapping, so Jose then came to Maine and slapped her in the face as well. This lead to fans being triggered and were all asking why did he do it.

A post shared by Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) on

A post shared by Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) on

Though it was a joke and it was really hilarious, some netizens complained about it. They were now flooding the video and giving out their positive and negative sentiments on Jose Manalo and Maine Mendoza.

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Source: GMA News | Instagram


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