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The Reason Why Angelica Panganiban Wasn't Invited To Judy Ann's Wedding.

The Reason Why Angelica Panganiban Wasn't Invited To Judy Ann's Wedding.

Though how much you became popular in this world, celebrities and showbiz personalities are still people. Yes, people who need friends, who need company, and people who can love and be loved. It is important that we see our favorite celebrities that just like us they also have needs and wants in their lives. One of which is being in a good company. We are always in search of that feeling of belongingness and like them, they also have established good relationships with their fellow celebrities in the industry. This can be started through social media and then hanging out or through a project that they have been working together and after that hanging out since then.

Many celebrities are often very vocal when it comes to their friends in the showbiz industry. They are often telling the media the unique qualities of their friends and colleagues and as fans, we couldn't help but be happy about it because we want to get to know them more. Yet sometimes, we cannot help but hear from people who are digging up old issues as to why such things happened in the past between you and him and then now you are totally okay. While celebs are explaining all the details, we cannot control what others might say and it can become a huge topic on social media. Just like what recently happened with Judy Ann and Angelica Panganiban. People are now making a buzz about the thing that had happened during Judy Ann's wedding.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "ABS-CBN Entertainment" featured the stars of "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes", Judy Ann Santos and Angelica Panganiban. We all know that the two actresses were really famous across the country and they are known to be the greatest actresses now in the industry.

Each of them has a league of its own during their career, Judy Ann Santos astounded many people with her great skills in drama and has built a huge following all over the country. Back then, Judy Ann is one of the greatest stars in her generation and now she is one of the respected veteran actresses in the industry.

Though Angelica Panganiban is from a younger generation, the actress also has made a name for herself. With her great skills in comedy and as well as her dazzling beauty, the actress stormed the showbiz industry and has been admired by many people in the country. Since then she became one of the big names in the industry and people followed her all over social media.

Now, the two great stars worked together in a movie and they are now in the spotlight. They were being asked how was their relationship to one another and how well did it go for them. Apparently, the two revealed that now they are pretty close to each other to the point that they have separation anxiety whenever they are going home or separating ways.

This is common to many celebrities because of the times they spent together in working in the movie and they became super close. But some people asked as to why in the past, Judy Ann didn't invite Angelica to her wedding.

The actress revealed that back then, Angelica was so in love with her boyfriend that she forgot that she has friends. Judy Ann explains that back then she chose not to because Angelica is madly in love with her boyfriend and she was super busy with her relationship.

People were immediately caught in the video and they are now giving their comments and sentiment about it. Some were not convinced of the reason while others are lauding the actress for giving them a straight answer to the question.

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Source: ABS-CBN | YouTube


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