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Judy Ann Santos Reveals Her Experience With Angelica Panganiban In Dalawang Misis Reyes.

Judy Ann Santos Reveals Her Experience With Angelica Panganiban In Dalawang Misis Reyes.

It is a fact that being a famous superstar actress like Angelica Panganiban is really hard. We all know that she is famous throughout the country because of the many successful movies, advertisement, and projects that she did in the past. Many people often follow him her on social media to get updates and to get a glimpse of what her life is like. A lot of her fans and supporters are always happy to see her in social media. 

But have you heard about the time when a certain celebrity gives a comment regarding their fellow celebrities? Yes, there are times that celebrities are often asked about what they think about their colleagues in the industry. Though it is really hard to compare and to give an opinion, most of the time these celebrities became a huge topic on social media because people always wanted to know of these things and give out their opinions about it too. Just like what recently happened with the celebrity superstar, Angelica Panganiban after people saw a video interview with the actress Judy Ann Santos. Apparently, the actress was asked about Angelica and what she said about her is making a buzz all over social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "World Viral" featured the actress Judy Ann Santos. We all know that Judy Ann Santos has been in the showbiz industry for the longest time now and she has been successful all throughout her career.

She did a lot of projects, movies, and advertisements and she has built a huge fan base all throughout the country. People are admiring her work and as well as her opinions because she became well respected in the showbiz industry. Likewise, with the actress Angelica Panganiban, she is also famous and has made a huge name for herself. She also has built a huge fan base all over the country and is one of the leading actresses now in the showbiz industry.

Recently, the actress starred in a movie called "Dalawang Misis Reyes" together with the actress Angelica Panganiban. Now, a video interview with the actress Judy Ann because of what she said about the actress Angelica.

In the video, she was asked about her experience with the actress Angelica Panganiban. The actress told everyone about her awesome experience in working with her and she describes her as her little "baby".

We can remember that Judy Ann and Angelica go way back and she treats her like a baby sister. Now, she described her as a beautiful flower who blossomed into her maturity. She was surprised at how she has grown and how beautiful she is now as an actress and as a person.

But the actress joked about her that the flower can also wilt at night and the actress Angelica also had the characteristics. She hopes that she could work with her in the future and to see more of her growth. 

The actress also said that Angelica is really a promising actress and her fans will be pleased by the changes that had happened with Angelica.

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Source: Youtube | ABS-CBN


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