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The Great Mind Behind "Divisoria Dance Challenge".

The great mind behind "Divisoria Dance Challenge".

Filipinos love to be on trend, may it be on clothes, shoes, bags, phones, songs and dance craze. They tend to make sure that they can catch up to such trends and they also love to share that they are on trend using pictures and videos, some tried to do vlogs and blogs to be uploaded in social media. But what Filipinos enjoy most is to do song covers and even dance covers of different dance crazes.

Recently, there's this song that could make you feel like singing it every time, that's why it became a trend on social media. The song was called 'Pasok Mga Suki, Presyong Divisoria", some netizens made a song cover of the song and some made dance covers of it. You will be in the Last Song Syndrome(LSS) upon hearing the song because it has an upbeat tone and the lyrics are easy to remember.

A Facebook story is now going viral all over social media after people discovered the man behind the famous craze "Pasok mga suki". Many of us would probably say that this song is really famous right now all over the country and many people are up to the challenge when singing and dancing the craze.

From little children to big adults in the family, all of them were really into this craze. The song is really catchy and many of us would gladly join the song and dance together with everyone. This song broke out on social media up to the point that many common folks are uploading their own versions of the dance craze.

This song was known all over social media and it even called the attention of most netizens and this dance craze then became "Divisoria Dance Challenge". And many are really up for the challenge and was then featured on Rated K, a Kapamilya TV show. The host of the said show, Korina Sanchez was curious enough to look for the man behind this dance craze. 

Luckily, they were able to find Sammy Leuterio, a 50-year-old Divisoria vendor. He started to be a vendor in Divisoria in the year 1986. He then made a bright idea to make a lively way of getting the attention of buyers in their stall, which he was really successful. He was paid 350 pesos a day which he uses to start his own business.

The vendor is really positive and enthusiastic that he charms the crowd with his song and in turn gets the attention of the passing crowd. This would lead to more sales for his business. People who are passing and were always on the streets of Divisoria retained the song in their heads and eventually, it was sung by many people even children playing in the streets.

The man behind the craze, Sammy, became an instant hit on social media and many people were talking about him all over. They were lauding him for doing a great job in making the song and for bringing joy to the Filipino People.

His way of calling the attention of buyers is really one of a kind.

What can you say about the Divisoria Dance Challenge? Are you up for it? Share us your thoughts in the comment box below.

Source: GMA | ABS-CBN


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