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Meet The Foreigner Girlfriend Of Basketball Star Kobe Paras Which Surprises Many On Social Media.

Meet The Foreigner Girlfriend Of Basketball Star Kobe Paras Which Surprises Many On Social Media.

Being in a serious relationship is really exciting. Yes, love always excites us and bringing us joy and happiness in our hearts. Whenever we hear people falling in love, we are all excited to hear the stories of how they met and how they know that they truly loved each other. It is as if love moves us and we are always clouded by this idea falling in love is the best thing that we could ever have in this world. Why not? We are all meant to love and be loved and for that purpose, we seek the love of our lives.

That is why when one person is in love or in a relationship we all could relate to the love and happiness that they are sharing. We are happy for them and wish that we have that kind of relationship that they have. This is true as well when we see our favorite celebrities and personalities share their relationships with the public. We are always happy for them and it brings us so much joy that inspires us that one day will have that same kind of love that they are having. Just like what recently happened with the famous basketball star, Kobe Paras. He's been making a buzz all over social media after people saw a video of him together with his new girlfriend on social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after the Facebook page of Gilas Pilipinas featured the basketball player and celebrity, Kobe Paras. We all know that Kobe Paras is really famous all over the country and he gained a lot of followers all over social media because of his talents in basketball and as well as his good looks.

Coming from the fame of his parents Benjie Paras and Jackie Forster, Kobe Paras gained quite an advantage in the basketball scene in the country and rose to fame. But it was not because of Benjie's influence because Kobe really worked hard to where he is right now.

He is really great and no one could contest his skills when it comes to playing basketball. With all these in mind, we all know that Kobe Paras is really great and many people admired and followed him on social media. Many people are looking for more updates about his basketball career and as well as his personal life.

Recently, the basketball star is making a buzz all over social media after people saw a video from the page of Gilas Pilipinas, a renowned team in basketball which represents the country. 

In the post, it was captioned, "Kobe Paras New Girlfriend - What Do You Think Guys?" It was posted together with a video of Kobe Paras together with a beautiful foreign woman singing together. You can see as well that they are very sweet with each other because he was kissing her on the cheeks.

The video also shows that the girl is really an inspiration to the basketball player because she encourages him to workout. Kobe displayed his workout by doing push-ups while his rumored girlfriend was sitting on his back. He was really strong and the video gained the attention of many on social media.

People are now giving their comments and sentiments on the video. Many ladies in the comment sections were disappointed because they saw the girl was really beautiful and their hopes of meeting and becoming the girlfriend of the star were all laid to waste. Some were really happy for Kobe Paras and were all excited to more updates about him.

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