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This Call Center Agent Got Caught By His Girlfriend Cheating With His Boss.

This Call Center Agent Got Caught By His Girlfriend Cheating With His Boss.

Many of us would probably agree that being in a committed relationship is really hard. There are a lot of things to juggle, first is your time for work, family, and as well as your time that you need to spend with your partner. You also need to adjust to your partner's unique characteristics and traits and this is really stressful especially when both of you are pressured to the many things that are happening with your lives. Sometimes you try to make it work and yet there are times that you gave up and the relationship falls apart.

Also, there are times that because of the things that are happening, people are looking for love from others instead of their partners and started to give in to the things that are unforgivable. Yes, there are a lot of cheating stories circulating all over social media and there are times that we can relate to these stories because we may be experiencing it right now or we saw it happened to our friends and loved ones. Just like what happened to the story of this new call center agent and it is now going viral because a lot of people can relate to the story. It has been making a buzz on social media and people are now talking about it all over.

A video is now going viral all over social media after the YouTube channel of the broadcasting network "GMA" featured a complicated love story of a woman and a call center agent. We all know that there are a lot of call center companies in the country and the BPO industry is really big and there are a lot of stories that have been going around their offices.

From horror stories to love affairs, people are always talking about these things. Now, a story is being featured on their channel and it speaks about a certain love affair that had happened inside a call center office.

The story begins when a man decided to get a job in a call center. Like many other companies, there are incentive programs in their company and one of which is a vacation trip to a dream destination like Boracay. The agents are excited and are looking forward to working hard and to receive such an award.

But little did they know that their "Boss" has a favoritism towards the agents. She only picks the new and handsome agents to rise to the top so that she can give the incentive in exchange for luring him to her trap.

The man was involved in such trivial mischief though he knows that she has a beautiful and loving girlfriend who is always waiting for him. He had an affair with the boss and they went really deep without him realizing that his girlfriend already had a hunch about the affair.

Like they always say, women have the super intuition when it comes to their man having an affair. And her hunch is right, so what she did is she went to the same office and waited at the sleeping quarters of the office. A little while longer, she caught her man and the boss doing the deed right in front of her.

She was really disgusted and got really angry with him and she broke up with him. The story ended up that the two went their separate ways and the man was really depressed of the mistake he did in the call center that he got into.

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Source: GMA Network | YouTube


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