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Lito Lapid’s Daughter Ysabel Ortega In Tears While Watching Her Mom’s Wedding.

Weddings are always emotional, particularly for family members watching their loved ones tie the knot. Wedding ceremonies serve several purposes and they are often a cherished moment in a couple's history. A wedding ceremony is often utilized as a public display of marriage vows and of the couple entering into the marital contract. For many couples, the focus of the wedding ceremony is on their commitment and love for each other.

Young actress Ysabel Ortega is no different. When she saw her mom, Michelle Ortega, walking down the aisle last Wednesday, January 10, her tears began to flow.

The most important part of a wedding ceremony is the vows between the bride and groom. The vows help couples to proclaim their commitment to the relationship. In fact, individual vows are often written by each spouse in order to express the unique relationship between a particular couple. Wedding ideas and practices, often include each spouse taking the time to sit and consider what the marriage means to them and especially how important and cherished their commitment to their spouse is.

Ysabel explained in another Instagram post how her mother always protected her from harm and guided her. “All my life, I have always had my ‘Wonder Woman’ right next to me, protecting me from everything that can harm me. I had my Wonder Woman that shielded me and guided me to who and where I am now.”

She also thanked Police Director Gregorio Pimentel for completing their family: “Thank you, Tito Greg, because you finally gave my mother the happiness that she deserves.”
“And we are here to show you that we will love you and take care of you because that is also what you deserve. Now you are with us. Thank you for completing us.’

While wedding happens once at least in the life of a marrying couple, wisdom should restrain both parties to plan every part of the ceremony. It is not only for purposes of order but managing the budget as well. Much planning is necessary so that each area of the marriage ceremony is not too lavish or tightly budgeted that would ruin this important affair. Simple yet beautiful and within the couple’s budget will make this wonderful event memorable. What is of primary importance is that the wedding couple’s wishes have been met with full satisfaction. That happiness on this day is the main object of the event.

Ysabel is best known for her role in “On the Wings of Love,” top-billed by Nadine Lustre and James Reid in 2015. She is the daughter of Michelle with former senator and action star Lito Lapid.

The ceremony was attended by high-profile attendees, including President Rodrigo Duterte himself.

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There are couples although financially capable, would prefer a simple beach wedding than a lavishly prepared church wedding. They would rather make it this way than being peppered with many praises. Whatever kind of ceremonies you would like to have in your wedding, the end goal is always to make this big day your most memorable one. Every spouse has his or her own appreciation of the importance of wedding and how to celebrate it. Therefore, make your best choice.

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