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Liza Soberano Stars In "Darna The Movie" With World Class Custome And Special Effects.

Make no mistake about it: Philippine Cinema today, it can be argued, has never been this vibrant, this alive, at least not in a long while. It is against this backdrop that we, therefore, zoom in, focus our gaze, on what makes it tick and explore the issues that both fuel – and stymie – its forward trajectory.

It must be said that Philippine cinema – which is not only limited to the so-called mainstream film industry as we know it – is presently experiencing a renaissance, a resurgence, not just in terms of awards and accolades, but also in diversity of output, richness of subjects and stories being told, as well as with all the new faces – talented and daring – who are driving (or should we say directing?) its growth. And this despite the problems and challenges perennially gnawing at its feet.

The Filipino movie industry is now starting to improve the quality of films that the industry release in theaters as an answer to the great number of Filipinos patronizing foreign films than locally produced ones. This move somewhat shows promising result since many are now looking forward going to theaters to watch Filipino films.

Among the films that many of us anticipate hitting the theaters is the modern adaptation of the hit Filipino comic heroine, “Darna”. Last year, “Darna” became a huge topic in social media after producers announced that the female superhero will come back on cinema.

Darna’s role was first entrusted to Angel Locsin but later gave up the role due to spinal injury while she was preparing for the role. Rumors came to rise that the role was next offered to Jessy Mendiola but her name was suddenly dropped from the list of option to play the role.

Before 2017 ends, the “Darna” producers disclosed the information and put an end to everyone’s wait as to who will play the role. A lot were shocked when Liza Soberano was announced that she would be the new “Darna” because no one expected that she would be chosen because of her sweet image.
Although many protested that Liza doesn’t fit the role, the young actress continue to train to give justice to the role and to give you a glance of what to expect in the new “Darna” movie, visual effects company Mothership has released a teaser of the kind of effects incorporated in the “Darna” movie.

Filmmaker Erik Matti was all praises for Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano who was chosen to portray the role of Darna in an upcoming movie adaptation. This was the first time Matti spoke about Soberano since it was officially announced that she will replace Angel Locsin in the superhero project. “Liza is a very determined girl. I think she’s really gonna do a really great  Darna," Erik Matti. As its director, Matti said it is his job to come up with a superhero story that’s fresh and unique.

The industry wishes that the audience would take risks in the films they go out to see. Let’s watch romantic comedies all we want. But let’s also watch other things. Documentaries, scary movies, sad movies, weird movies, shocking movies. Films are not just about feeling good or being charmed or falling in love. 

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Films are also about getting angry, feeling terrified and frustrated. It is also about feelings of loss, of uncertainty, of thrills and awe. Films are about so many other things, too, other than just fun and love. Let films surprise you and not just give you what you always expect of it. As of this writing, the video has already gained almost half a million views and thousands of positive response from the people.

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