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Couple Who's In An "Open Relationship" Tried Out New Things And Got Destroyed By A Dangerous Woman.

Couple Who's In An "Open Relationship" Tried Out New Things And Got Destroyed By A Dangerous Woman. 

As human beings, we can relate that we are always excited about trying out new things. It is part of our drive, the pleasure of knowing the unknown and experiencing something new in our lives. This is why everything that piques is interesting we always aim to go and try that new venture. This is also applicable to many couples out there. Sometimes we label them as "liberated" couples but some people call them couples who are in an "open relationship". Yes, an open relationship means they agreed that they can try out new things in their relationship to the extent that they can even include another person in their relationship.

Some of us may not get the whole scenario but they can find pleasure and love in these circumstances and some believed that happiness is supposed to be shared with many. But the question is, to what extent can you keep this openness to others? Because we know that relationship is shared just by two people, personally and privately, and in adding another person in the equation can lead to a disaster. Just like what happened to this couple and apparently, they have been making a buzz on social media. People are now talking about it all over cyberspace.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "GMA Network" featured a story about a couple who tried out new things in their relationship. We all know that this is not a common story in the many relationships that are common in our culture but this is something that leads to the curiosity of many people on social media.

The story goes like this, a couple Harvey and Katie are on a vacation and they are having a good time. They shared their time together and have fun in their peaceful time with each other up until they decided to try out new things.

During their vacation, they met a beautiful woman who is alone on her vacation. They were curious as to why she is alone in the vacation and have told the couple that she's supposed to go there with her boyfriend but apparently they have broken up that is why she is alone.

They had a good time in enjoying the view, the pool, and the company of one another but little did they know what would happen next. Katie and the woman became really close to each other yet they seem too close. They are touchy with each other and have complemented each other in a weird romantic way.

Because of the intense feeling they had for each other and as well as the attraction they had, Katie and the woman started to have physical relations with each other without the knowledge of Harvey. But Harvey had a hunch that Katie has been doing things without his knowledge so he started to investigate.

Harvey caught Katie and the woman and he started to get mad even though at first he wanted it for them. The relationship became way too complicated but still, Katie went to Harvey and broke up with the woman. 

The two talked to each other seriously and they apologized for what they did and finally returned back to an exclusive couple. People were curious about the video and it went massive on social media.

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Source: GMA Network


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