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Marami Ang Nagulat Matapos Dalawin Si Erich Gonzales Ng Kanyang Manliligaw Sakay Ng Private Plane.

Erich Gonzales' New Suitor is so rich that he goes off a private plane just to visit the actress.

In our world today, the social media is really advance, one photo can definitely change someone and can have an impact on their career or whatever path they are taking. We all know that being a celebrity is not an easy life, they have all the eyes on them wherever they go. Most of the time, being a famous celebrity is equivalent to a life that is open to criticism and judgment of people. It is a fact that we can't control the opinions and judgments of the people so celebrities tend to keep their lives really private.

Yet sometimes we hear this kind of stories wherein a celebrity had a big news to share with others. Yes, when it comes to big announcements, we want to share our joy with others whether it was a huge accomplishment on movies and projects or a new love life that they are recently into. Apparently, this is common to a lot of famous celebrities and showbiz personalities, just like what recently happened with Erich Gonzales. She has been the talk of the town ever since netizens saw a video of her in social media. People were surprised after Erich Gonzales shares something about his new suitor.

A video report is now going viral after a YouTube channel named "Hot Chikka" featured the superstar actress Erich Gonzales. We all know that the actress has been successful all throughout her career and she has been one of the leading talents in the showbiz industry.

She has built a huge fan based all over the country and she did well in many successful projects and advertisements. With all these in mind, we cannot stop people from following them and digging up things on them and sometimes we hear news about their love life even though they don't want them to reveal.

Recently, a video about the actress has been going around all over social media and it speaks about the different updates in the different aspects of Erich Gonzales life. We all know that Erich Gonzales is really close to the famous TV Personality and actress Kris Aquino. 

In the video, it shows that the actress was really in a positive vibe and she was being interviewed about her new movie called Siargao. After a series of questions, the actress was caught off guard because they asked about the statement of Kris Aquino regarding one of her suitors.

Apparently, Kris revealed that one of the actress' suitors is really rich. He is so rich that he goes by plane just to pick Erich for a date. He was really impressive and Kris Aquino also revealed that the suitor belonged to one of the richest family in the country.

Erich Gonzales was pretty much surprised but she answered the question and have said that her suitors are willing to wait for her. Because of the jobs that she had right now, what she wants is to focus on her career. She also added that love isn't her priority right now and it can wait.

A post shared by Erich Gonzales (@erichgg) on

A post shared by Erich Gonzales (@erichgg) on

A post shared by Erich Gonzales (@erichgg) on

A post shared by Erich Gonzales (@erichgg) on

The video went massively viral all over social media and many people are excited to know who this new rich suitor is. They also wished the actress well on her career and were all happy that she is so focused and committed to what she is doing.

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