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Alden Richard's Forecast for 2018 Says That He Will Have Secret Girlfriend!

Alden Richard's Forecast for 2018 Says That He Will Have Secret Girlfriend!

Celebrating the New Years is really a great tradition. We have awesome food, enjoying our time with family, and as well as reflecting what happened in the past year. Along with this reflection, we also anticipate the coming year will be best for us and hope that greater things will happen to us. This is common to many of us, we celebrate the new year by planning ahead and gather the motivation to do great things in the coming year.

We are also fascinated of forecast and fortune-telling about our fate in the coming year, so during the New Year's day, fortune tellers and forecasters are always there to tell and see what's going to happen next in our lives in the coming year. This is also true when it comes to famous people like celebrities. Fans would like to know what future might happen to their favorite celebrities and they want to anticipate the great things that will happen to them. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal star, Alden Richards. He's been making a buzz after people heard about the forecast of Alden Richards this 2018.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Cristian Betino" featured the phenomenal star, Alden Richards. We all know that the actor is really famous all over the country because of his looks, skills, and amazing charisma. He rose to fame after being paired with Maine Mendoza in the love team called AlDub.

People have admired him for what he is doing and he is doing quite well in his career. We can say that Alden Richards is one of the best in his generation and many are following him and respecting him in the showbiz industry. With all these in mind, Alden has been followed by many fans and were all wondering how is his love life?

But recently the AlDub love team is a huge controversy after Maine Mendoza released an open letter online. She told her fans all the hardships she went through in showbiz and as well as her sentiments. She wanted to pursue that path she is taking the way she is and sometimes she is having a hard time pleasing everyone.

The open letter incident became viral and since then the actress confusion had happened all over the AlDub Nation. Fans started to get worried after not hearing updates about the AlDub love team. Many flooded their Instagram and Twitter accounts with words of affirmation to show their love and support.

Now as the year  2018 started, people are somewhat worried and as well as wanted to know what will happen next with the love team. Though Maine has made her comeback at Eat Bulaga, people are still speculating things about their future in showbiz.

One spirit questor and psychic expert named Nick Nangit gave a forecast to the phenomenal actor Alden Richards. In his forecast, he said, that Alden will have an awesome career this 2018 and he is also capable of going through showbiz even if Maine Mendoza is not her partner.

Also, he said that Alden will have a girlfriend this year but because he is very private and secretive, the showbiz industry will not know about it. The video immediately gained the attention of many and people are now giving their sentiments on the video.

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