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People Were Happy To See The New Born Daughter of Pokwang "Baby Malia".

People Were Happy To See The New Born Daughter of Pokwang "Baby Malia".

One of the most beautiful things in this world is the sight of a newly born child. Yes, it is a wonderful thing to witness in our lives. A miracle that was brought into this world because of two people loved each other. We are always happy when we hear these things and we are always giving our regards to the parents of the baby. Also, we would like to see the angelic face of the newly born child and enjoy the view of such a cutie. This is common to many of us and it is also true when it comes to celebrities.

As fans, we are always excited to witness the newly born babies of our favorite celebrities and wanted to hear updates. Thanks to social media that we are able to follow them and see what's happening in their lives. It brings us so much joy whenever a celebrity couple brought news about their child. Just like what recently happened with phenomenal comedian, Pokwang. Apparently, she has been the talk of the town on social media after releasing series of photos of her newly born baby named Malia. People are now going crazy about her and they are now talking about it on social media.

Just a month ago, Pokwang posted a picture of her things that they would be bringing to the hospital in preparation for her giving birth to her firstborn with Lee O’Brien. She even said that they don’t look like they were about to go to the hospital instead they looked like they are about to go to an excursion and just a few days ago she happily shared to us that she successfully gave birth to her baby, Malia Francine.

Pokwang was very happy about her successful delivery and she posted a photo of baby Malia while sleeping and it has a caption that reads,

“Goodmorning.....  from Malia the daddy's girl sa lahat po ng nagdasal na maging safe ang pagluwal ko kay baby Malia maraming salamat po.... happy kami sobra @leeobrian at si ate @maesubong maraming salamat po.....” This photo already garnered a hundred thousand likes from people and her followers.

Lee was so happy about her successful delivery of their baby and he wanted to really share on the internet how happy they were that he posted about it on his Instagram,

“This morning at 8:28 am Manila time, the most beautiful little angel came into our world, our Baby Malia!! Mamang @itspokwang27 is recovering well and are @maesubong is fired up to get the Older Sister duties going on. We love you, Malia!! We put up a special exclusive video on our youtube channel at @pokleecooking."

Even Pokwang’s first daughter, Mae, visited her at the hospital while she was giving birth and she was also very happy to see her sister. People were so surprised to see Baby Malia that they were all saying that she looks like her dad and a little bit of her mom and she was perfect.

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Fans are now lauding Pokwang for doing a great job in delivering the baby and also sending their regards for the couple. They were really fired up about baby Malia and it is very natural for them to be so.

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