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Marco Gallo May Mainit Na Mensahe Sa Loveteam Nila Kisses Delavin At Tony Labrusca.

Marco Gallo Reacts On New Love Tandem Of Kisses Delavin And Tony Labrusca.

Our young people today are so into celebrities forming Love Teams. Yes, we can hear them every day on social media wherein people use the word "ship" to say that two young celebrities look good together and they have a perfect chemistry to form the latest love team. This is one of the crazes of many people on social media because it is much easier now to follow their favorite celebs, they can get to know them even more and look for the "right" partner for their journey in showbiz.

As fans and supporters, we are always excited whenever we hear our favorite celebrity got involved with a certain celebrity and might become a new love team. This can make us happy because of the sweetness and the exciting stories that will soon be developed. Usually, when a new love team is born, fans get crazy over them but have you heard a celebrity who's been on a new love team and his former love team partner gave a reaction about it? This is what happened with the actor Marco Gallo. He's been making a buzz on social media after people heard his reaction regarding the newborn love team of Kisses Delavin and Tony Labrusca. People were quite surprised and they are now talking about it all over social media.

A news report is now going viral all over social media after a website named Philnews featured the actor Marco Gallo and the love tandem KissTon. We all know that Kisses Delavin has been successful all throughout her career and she has been one of the leading actresses in the showbiz industry today.

She did well in a lot of successful projects and was able to build a huge following all over the country. She has been well known and many people look up to her and were following her on social media and as well as in real life.

Likewise with the actor, Tony Labrusca. He's  been known all throughout the country and many people have admired and loved him ever since. Now, the two have been the topic of social media as they form the newest love team in town. People are all excited about them but then some people heard that the previous love team partner of Kisses, Marco Gallo gave a reaction about it.

According to the report, the actor Marco Gallo is doing quite well with his life and he was asked about the newly formed love team of Tony Labrusca and Kisses Delavin. We all know that Marco and Kisses had a love team before since their PBB stint and since then the two faced the showbiz industry together.

Now that the love team is disbanded, fans are rooting for Tony Labrusca to be the next man to be with Kisses Delavin in showbiz. When being asked about Tony as the new partner Kisses the actor responded, “Feeling ko kasi… dapat yung maka-partner ni Kisses mas better than sa akin na parang kung caring ako sa kanya, dapat mas caring yung papalit."

Marco wants someone who will take good care of Kisses and he wished that her new love team will be better than him. After series of questions from the press, Marco concluded the interview saying, "Kung Mabait naman, edi go." 

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The story went massively viral all over social media and people are now giving their comments and sentiments on Marco Gallo. Many were happy for hearing those words from Marco and people are now excited to see Tony and Kisses grow in their new love tandem.

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