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Maxene Magalona Got Emotional After Remembering Her Father Francis M While Saying Her Wedding Vows.

Maxene Magalona Got Emotional After Remembering Her Father Francis M While Saying Her Wedding Vows.

In our Filipino Culture, one of the most special occasions is the wedding day. Yes, not just to the bride and groom but also to their family and close friends. During weddings, preparations are really intense with the bride and groom and they are really giving their all because this is a once in a lifetime chance to experience. And if we are invited to such weddings, as guests, we also try our best to attend and as well as to show our best support to the couple and their family.

Another perfect scene that always melts our hearts during a wedding is when the couple say their vows to each other. They say their love and commitment that they will uphold for the rest of their lives and it is really beautiful. A person promises to spend the rest of her life with her partner is indeed captivating and amazing. This is true for everyone, whether for common folks like us or for famous and wealthy celebrities. It is always beautiful and perfect and very emotional because one's love is being shown to another. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal actress, Maxene Magalona. She's been making a buzz all over social media after people heard her wedding vows to her husband Robby Mananquil. 

A video is now going viral all over social media after the broadcasting network ABS-CBN featured the actress Maxene Magalona. We all know that the actress is really popular all over the country and has made a name for herself in the showbiz industry.

She did quite well on different projects, advertisements, and shows. She is one of the leading actresses in the showbiz industry and has built a huge fan base all over the country. With all these in mind, the actress is really famous and respected by many people are looking up to her because of her beauty, talents, and skills.

Recently, the actress has been making a buzz all over social media after people heard about that she tied the knot with her husband Robby Mananquil. People were quite surprised of a video that was brought on social media because it featured the wonderful vows that they gave for each other.

In the video, you will see that everyone is excited about the couple as they were about to give their wedding vows to each other. The wedding vow of Maxene is really heartwarming and assuring especially the part where she got emotional and remembered her father.

She told her husband how she sees her father in him because they are pretty much alike. She also said that not a day goes by that she wished that her husband would have met his father and they could both talked about music.

Mananquil is also a musician, a guitarist from the local band "Pulso" and Francis M is one of the legendary musicians in Hip-hop and Rnb. Maxene saw the resemblance of her husband and her father because both of them are so dedicated and focused on their music.

The video immediately went viral on social media and people are all touched of their vows. Indeed, their wedding is really beautiful and a lot of people are giving their best wishes for the couple.

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