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Meet Arci Muñoz’s Equally Gorgeous Twin Sister, Lou Muñoz.

There are plenty of celebrity siblings out there, but there's something special about a pair — or a trio! — of related ladies. Some might argue that having a sister can be super annoying or that being the youngest is always the coolest, but there's no denying the many perks of sisterhood. You know how there are just some things only a sister can understand?

For many people, Kapamilya star Arci Muñoz isn’t just a talented celebrity who can slay with both a rockstar image and a sweet character. The 28-year-old singer-actress also has a toned physique and captivating beauty despite going under the knife a few times before. Thus, it is no surprise to know that Arci has an equally gorgeous sister.

Whether it's falling in love on set or being friends with only other celebrities, celebrities tend to stick together. And no one's closer than family, so it's not too surprising when you find celebrities who follow their parents' or siblings' footsteps into stardom. But there are also other siblings who, for whatever reason, fly under the radar. Meet Lou. Arci Muñoz’s model sister who took social media by storm after her celebrity sister shared their picture together on Instagram.

It was back in 2016 when Arci first posted a photo of herself with her sister on Instagram. The photo was taken during their getaway to Boracay. Since then, many people can’t keep their attention off of the Kapamilya star’s beautiful sister. As a matter of fact, many of her followers even thought that the two siblings were twins.

Due to their uncanny resemblance, the two could really be mistaken for twins. Sparkling eyes, pointed nose, and plump lips are just some of their many features that make them look similar to each other. However, while many people assume that the two are ‘twins,’ in reality, Lou is actually Arci’s older sister.

Just like Arci, Lou is also known to the public but in quite a different industry. Instead of joining her sister in the limelight, Lou was able to make a name for herself in the world of modeling. She is one of the top models of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP). Since both of them are passionate about traveling, Arci and Lou have shared many moments together in a number of beaches in the country. They have also been to various countries such as Japan, Italy, and Hong Kong.

Whether it’s the little sister who stole your clothes or the brother you thought was treated better than you, there will always be trials and tribulations. And when one of the siblings grows up to be a celebrity, family fall-outs are likely to be worse than they are for most of us.

But the chances are that the good times will also be better. Think of all those trips to swanky places and exciting events. They reveal some of their funniest and favorite memories of each other – and some of their worst.

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Lou maybe sometimes under-the-spotlight and may not be as well-known as her celebrity sister, but she helped shape our favorite Arci Muñoz into the person we know and love. Plus, she’s pretty darn cool on her own accord.

What can you say about Arci Muñoz beautiful sister Lou? Do you want to see her join her celebrity sister in the limelight? Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below!


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