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Meet The Beautiful Daughter Of The Comedian Anjo Yllana!

Meet The Beautiful Daughter Of The Comedian Anjo Yllana!

Mikaela Yllana, Dabarkads Anjo Yllana’s daughter also known as Mika, enjoys being in the spotlight as she is one of the countries expert models. The young, fine lady loves to emphasize her best assets while gamely posing for the camera to snap out her perfect curves and lovely face. She just graduated her secondary level from Miriam College in Quezon and he is now enrolled at Ateneo de Manila University.

Her mother Jacqui Manzano is also an actress and it is quite obvious that their oldest child had their “celebrity-look” running in her veins. Due to her extremely head-turner looks, many speculate that she will follow the steps of her parents in entering the showbiz industry. After all, there are many doors of opportunity which can cater her exceptionally beautiful physique.

Despite the media still weighing heavy on most of us, things are changing. At least, thanks to the internet, we now have the power to share important messages with many people too. This power has led to us learning and being inspired by some incredible people. Mikaela shares a lot of her experience and learning through her Instagram account.

She believes in promoting diversity, from viral videos to blog posts, Instagram posts or on Facebook, she is using these media platform to squash stereotypes and promote a positive body image. She promotes diversity like never before and proving to others out there that there is no one type of beauty.

A responsibility to yourself, your life and what you make of it. When you are 18 you meet quite a lot of decisions that have an impact on your future life. Some of these decisions turn out to be really great, others not. Mikaela makes sure that her decisions are backed up by the advice of her parents and that all will lead to positive results.

Most people blame anyone else but themselves for the events in their life. That’s the easy route to take, you’ll always find someone to blame. Mistakes happen so that you can learn from them. If you play the blame game you will learn nothing. Instead, the same mistakes happen to you all over again. That is until you start to seek the reason for what happens to yourself. Mikaela promotes this kind of learning to her fellow youth, that you have to learn from your mistakes.

As an 18-year-old you are near to reaching your physical peak. Your body will tolerate all kinds of stresses with great ease. Something you really don’t want to do is abuse this feature of your body. Instead, use this phase to lay the proper foundation for a healthy life.

This is the best time to develop strength by exercising regularly. It is much more difficult to do this at a later time. Consequently, losing weight will become a lot more difficult when you are older. Mikaela makes sure that she is fit and healthy.

Truly, many individuals are now pondering whether Mikaela wants to enter showbiz in the future. Now that she's grown-up, is Mikaela intending to take after her dad's strides and seek a vocation in showbiz? No one knows but only time can tell.

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