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Meet Maja Salvador Handsome Younger Half Brother Kirby.

So let's make your day more enjoyable and amazing by having a look at Maja and her step-brother. We all know that when it comes to siblings, there is an inevitable love-hate relationship that persists. But it all ends up that your sibling is likely to be your best friend and partner in crime.

When we think about celebrities who are not just good at acting but also good-looking, Maja Salvador will no doubt make the list. Other than top-billing the top-rated Kapamilya TV series “Wildflower,” the 29-year-old actress has been featured in numerous magazines and has been a sought-after endorser for the better part of her career. But little did we know, Maja isn’t the only one in her family who has what it takes to stand out in the showbiz industry.

Most of the time, when people hear they're going to have step brothers/sisters, they immediately think of the movie "Step Brothers", where Will Ferrell essentially wants nothing to do with his newly acquainted stepbrother. But that is not the case whatsoever. Living with step-siblings is like living with best friends, who are always down to cause trouble.

Movies portray step-siblings as bickering, polar opposites. Thankfully, that was not the case with Maja and her step-brother. Her stepbrother became her best friends. They have taken so many road trips with the whole family, as well as countless late night laughs, adventures, and sushi dates. Her stepbrother is on her dad's side, they always see each other when Maja is free from work, but there is still endless love for them in their hearts.

The crazy moments you have with your step-siblings are just amplified so much more because your step sibling is your friend, and both of you keeps on sealing the bond and making it stronger. Every good relationship begins with a friendship, and they have that base for them, and they couldn't be more grateful for that. Meet Kirby, Maja’s younger half-brother. The two half-siblings seem quite close, at least based on the photos that Maja has uploaded them together.

Despite her hectic schedule due to being one of the most notable stars of the modern generation, Maja Salvador always makes sure to spend quality time with her loved ones. In fact, during her guesting on morning talk show “Magandang Buhay,” she admitted that every time she has no scheduled performance on “ASAP,” she would often request that her manager to free her Saturday up so she could be with her family.

As evident on the numerous photographs uploaded by ABS-CBN’s official entertainment website, Maja and Kirby love outdoor activities and traveling. They have been to a number of tourist destinations in the Philippines. In the same interview on “Magandang Buhay,” Maja’s half-sister, Marie, revealed how their celebrity sister treats her and the rest of their siblings. Marie shared that even though they don’t get to see Maja that often, they know that she cares for them.

“Sya ‘yung parang the best talaga kasi since sya lang yung kapatid ko, so napu-fulfill nya yung role na as [sister] kahit hindi ko sya nakakasama lagi. Parang always updated ako sa kanya.” Apart from providing moral support, Maja also supports her siblings financially. As a matter of fact, in 2016, Kirby graduated from college and Maja took to Instagram to share the moment as a “proud ate.”

So, when people ask "don't you hate having step-siblings?", Maja’s answer is always no. Because she doesn't hate it, she loves it. Having step-siblings is just like having regular siblings, they just entered your life at a later time, on different circumstances, but the love remains the same.

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Source: Instagram | ABS-CBN


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