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Meet The Man Who Was Reportedly Told To Leave Saudi Arabia For Being Too Handsome.

Omar Borkan Al Gala, an actor, and photographer from Dubai was given his marching orders along with a number of other men at a cultural festival. He gazes directly into the people: all dreamy brown eyes, smoldering good looks, and chiseled features. It's certainly a striking image, but is Omar Borkan Al Gala, poet, actor and internet sensation, one of the men who were too good looking for Saudi Arabia?

With his perfectly formed cheekbones, captivating gaze and well-groomed appearance, it’s easy to see why authorities felt so threatened by his good looks. They were so worried, in fact, they thought the United Arab Emirates delegates might corrupt impressionable women at the annual Janadriyah Festival. “Whoever gives me love, I just give love back. Whoever says ‘I love you,’ I say, ‘I love you too,’” 25-year-old Emirati photographer, actor, and model Omar Borkan Al Gala answered when asked to respond to all the attention that he’s getting from his fans from all around the world.

A photo of Al Gala, who is based on Vancouver but originally hails from Dubai, went viral on the internet in late April after several news websites including Jezebel identified him as one of the three men from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who were supposedly deported from Saudi Arabia for being “too handsome.” Since then, some have questioned the truth of the reports. A Harvard-based blog about Islamic laws in the news called Islamic said that no deportations actually took place, and that “no one in the English press bothered to actually fact check the story.”

Regardless of whether the reports are true, Al Gala has already enjoyed a huge boost to his online popularity as “The Man Too Handsome for Saudi Arabia.” Comments like “You’re so handsome!” and “Marry me!” are posted all over his Facebook page, which is now nearing one million likes.

“The attention is one of the things that every man in this world wants, especially from the girls, right? So every man wants to be in that place where he gets all the people’s attention and everyone’s looking after him. It happens to me and it feels great,” Al Gala told “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.”

A report in Arabic newspaper Elaph which said ‘A festival official said the three Emiratis were taken out on the grounds they are too handsome and that the Commission members feared female visitors could fall for them,’ Concerned women might suddenly begin stripping naked and throwing themselves at the men, police seemingly decided the best option was to remove them from the country.

Others have speculated the men may have been asked to leave because of the unexpected arrival of a female UAE artist. Her visit to the UAE stand was a coincidence as it was not included in the programme which we had already provided to the festival’s management,’ said Saeed Al Kaabi, head of the UAE delegation.

Until now the identities of the three illegally handsome men have been unknown, but web speculation now suggests that one of them at least could be Omar Borkan Al Gala. Though far from being confirmation a post on Facebook has prompted widespread speculation. Elsewhere, in a typical post, the handsome poet writes: "The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides."

If Al Gala is not the handsome man mentioned he has done nothing to dampen the rumors that he is - instead choosing to continue to post his smoldering photographs.

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