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Meet This Beautiful Dancer "Ate Girl" Jackque Gonzaga From ViceJack Tandem On Showtime!

Meet This Beautiful Dancer "Ate Girl" Jackque Gonzaga From ViceJack Tandem On Showtime!

A successful show that runs smoothly on the television comes down to meticulous planning. And lots of it. Whether you are hosting one of the best TV show in the Philippines or a regular comedy show, careful consideration of all the factors affecting the performers and the audience will make for an episode remembered by everyone for the right reasons. Because there’s really nothing funny about a badly organized show lol.

Jackque Gonzaga is one of the beautiful dancers of “It’s Showtime”. She comes out during the “Miss Q and A” segment. Her beauty caught the attention of Vice Ganda on “It’s Showtime.” She is popularly known as ‘Ate Girl’ from the popular tandem of ‘ViceJack’ the newest love team on the noontime show. Their love team has been trending and people are having fun because of their tandem. With the ‘kilig’ factor that they give, it is definitely undeniable.

Filipinos are in love with love teams, be it of the showbiz or the political kind. It has become a national pastime of sorts to make tandems which could be a hit. So in addition to showbiz pairs that sport welded names, what also captures the public imagination are possible noontime show tandems.

"It's Showtime" is a Philippine noontime variety show that premiered on October 24, 2009, on ABS-CBN. The show broadcasts from the ABS-CBN Studios at the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center in Quezon City. The show airs Weekdays from 12:15 pm to 3:20 pm, and Saturdays from 12:00 pm to 3:15 pm.

The show also broadcast worldwide through TFC or known as The Filipino Channel. "It's Showtime" is the second live entertainment program in the Philippines to be broadcast in high-definition, after ASAP, sports programs and variety shows. It's Showtime also belongs to ABS-CBN's elite list of longest running daily noontime variety shows that aired for five years or more.

In a previous report, it was noted that she has developed a sort of “romantic” tandem with the show’s main host, Vice Ganda. On-air, Jackque and Vice exchange pick-up lines with each other that people call “kilig”-worthy or something similar. Their tandem came as a surprise since Vice is a known homosexual so his sudden interest in Jackque is quite the topic.

With their great performance, the audience are one hundred percent focused on the segment, it feels so real and it is not scripted. Apart from the audience laughing, once they throw some pick up lines you can really hear the silence of the audience. While they are making “kilig” moments, people really are also “kilig”.

Apart from being a dancer on "It’s Showtime", Jackque also serves as the girl who delivers the bowl filled with questions for the program’s “Miss Q & A” segment. Ever since appearing on the show, many viewers have noticed her good looks and impressive posture. “Miss Q and A” is derived from the "Question and Answer" segments of beauty pageants. A pageant for women, gays, and transwomen. The segment focuses not on the beauty of the candidates but for their wit in answering questions.

Jackque has the potential to venture into modeling – or acting if her tandem with Vice Ganda continues to be a success.

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