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Model Sasha Tajaran Breaks Her Silence Over Rumored Relationship With Matteo Guidicelli.

Model Sasha Tajaran Breaks Her Silence Over Rumored Relationship With Matteo Guidicelli.

Everyday celebrities live a challenging life. Yes, we can see it every day on social media that celebrities are so busy with all of their projects, keeping themselves in their best image and posture, and as well as handling the many fans and supporters that are following them. Whether it was online or in real life, celebrities are always followed by many people. Especially today where social media is really massive and people can easily connect with others and can spread the news in an Instant. This is one of the primary reasons why celebrities are really private about their personal life.

They don't want the whole country to criticize them that is why they are always careful and mindful of the things they are doing and the places that they go. But there are times that we encounter a celebrity with a certain issue and it can get really huge all over social media. Just like what recently happened to the phenomenal actor, Matteo Guidicelli. He's been making a buzz after a certain fan allegedly saw the actor having a date with a model and actress named Sasha Tajaran. Now, the model finally broke her silence and people were surprised by her statement. She's been the talk all over social media ever since.

A video is now going viral all over social media after YouTube channel named "World Viral" featured the phenomenal actor Matteo Guidicelli. We all know that the actor is one of the leading celebrities in the showbiz industry and he is really famous all over the country.

He did quite well in a lot of successful projects in the past and has made a name for himself throughout his career acting and modeling. With all these in mind, people are really admiring and respecting him for everything and he's built a huge fan base all over the country.

We also know that the actor is also the boyfriend of the superstar celebrity singer, Sarah Geronimo. They were a wonderful couple and many of their fans are all excited for more updates about their relationship. People really like the way they handle their relationship and fans are always excited to witness how the two would end up marrying each other.

With all of these in mind, fans of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli are always on watch in their daily lives. May it be on social media or in real life, fans are always there and supporting them. But recently a rumor spreading online that the model named Sash Tajaran was seen dating the actor Matteo in one of the bars in Cebu.

People were quite surprised by what they have heard and they have started to flood the model's social media account after hearing the issue. This is a huge deal for the fans of the couple that is why they want to hear an explanation from the camp of the model.

Recently, the model Sasha released a statement regarding the issue. She said that he knew Matteo because he worked with him in the movie "Across the Crescent Moon" where Matteo was the lead actor. She also explained that she would not date Matteo because she knows that the actor has a girlfriend and he loves Sarah Geronimo so much.

Later on, she posted a photo in her Instagram story saying "I know may gf sya and he loves Sarah. So please wag ninyo ako idamay sa mga walang kwentang issue. Di kami nag date ni Mat. Di ko din nilandi si mat. At may boyfriend po ako para sa kaalam ninyo." People are now talking about this and they were all giving their sentiments and comments on the matter and the story went massively viral all over social media.

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