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Remember Luningning Of Wowowee? This Is Her Life Now.

Remember Luningning of Wowowee? This is her life now.

There are a lot of celebrities who rose to fame instantly because they have a perfect charm, good looks, and talents. Most of them are sensational and have become the crowd's favorite whenever they are on TV. It's really amazing to witness such things whenever a celebrity becomes famous and many people loved them. We couldn't help but be happy for them and join the crowd to cheer for them. But sometimes celebrities like these tend to be shocked and surprised of the culture inside the showbiz industry, they couldn't cope up and then a time will come that they decide to leave showbiz and live a peaceful life.

This is true for many celebrities and showbiz personalities who left the showbiz industry for good. We can hear about them in different news websites wherein they couldn't take the hustle and bustle of a celebrity's life so they decided to be invisible to the public eye and take care of their private life. This is seen with the famous TV personality and actress Luningning. She's been the talk of the town recently on social media after a video update about her went viral online. People are now surprised of what she's doing with her life and she's been the topic of cyberspace.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a Youtube channel called "World Viral" featured the sensational TV personality and actress Luningning. We all know that Luningning has been famous all over the country and she became one of the most beautiful TV personalities during her career in showbiz.

Lea Carla Santos or popularly known as Luningning rose to fame when she first appeared in the show called Wowowee. The show is famous for being so generous to their audience especially when it comes to giving prizes to those who are in need.

Wowowee is also known for bringing opportunities to a lot of big names now in the showbiz industry and one of them is Luningning. In the TV show, she became one of the influential dancer and host together with its main TV Host Willie Revillame.

Later on, Luningning became really popular all over the country and she landed different projects, movies, and commercials. She also has built a huge fan base across the country and many people loved her for what she is doing.

But in spite the fame she has, Luningning suddenly took a break on showbiz and fans have been wondering how she is doing now with her life. Some solid fans have followed her on social media and have discovered that she now lives an amazing life.

Luningning is now pursuing a different path and has taken a break on showbiz. According to reports, the actress built fitness dancing studio called "Stardanz Fitness Studio". Her new business is somewhat of a dance studio which incorporates dancing techniques which will help the person to become physically fit.

The video immediately gained the attention of many people on social media and they are now talking about it all over. People have said that they really missed Luningning and were all happy to see that she is doing quite well with her life.

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