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Nadine Lustre Reveals Her Petname For Boyfriend James Reid And The Reason Behind It.

Nadine Lustre Reveals Her Petname For Boyfriend James Reid And The Reason Behind It.

When it comes to love and relationship we couldn't help but give out many creative names for our partner. This goes to show that your relationship is really close and you have a term of endearment to one another. Some may call their partners, "Baby" or "Sweetheart" while there are other couples who call their partners with a different name because it was part of their experience when they are in courtships. Whenever we hear them say their different pet names, we are always there wondering why and we are always asking them the story why they chose to call each other those creative names.

This is also true to celebrities who are in a relationship. Like other couples, celebrity couples also have different pet names that they call each other and as fans, we always find these things really sweet. Yes, whenever these updates are brought on social media, we are always happy because we can get to know them even more. Just like what recently happened with the sensational love team and real-life couple, James Reid and Nadine Lustre. They've been making a buzz after Nadine revealed the pet name that she is using to call her boyfriend. People were quite surprised and they are now talking about it all over social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after the YouTube channel of ABS-CBN broadcasting network featured the phenomenal couple "JaDine." We all know that the two are really famous all over the country and they are one of the strongest and biggest love team in the country.

They started out as a love tandem for a movie and eventually they took the showbiz industry by storm by the many projects that they successfully did. People were fascinated with the two and were all wishing for them to become a real couple. So then it did, in one of their concerts, James Reid admitted to the whole fandom that he loves Nadine so much and they are a real couple.

The "Reel to Real" transition of the two became a huge hit in the country and ever since then people are looking forward to more updates about two and they want to get to know more about them. Now, the couple has been making a buzz on social media after they guested in the show of Vice Ganda called Gandang Gabi Vice.

In the video, you will see that Vice Ganda, as usual, is throwing questions and jokes to his guests and the couple was having fun in the set. Later on, Vice Ganda revealed of how much the two loved each other when they are off the camera and people were so excited to hear more about their relationship.

You can see that Nadine is also happy with how Vice describes James' love for her but then she was asked by Vice of what is the current level of their relationship is. Accidentally, the actress revealed the pet name and she called him "Bambam". It is her term of endearment to James and she explained that it was derived from James Reid's behind.

People were completely surprised by the reason why she calls him Bambam and the video immediately gains the attention of many on social media.

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They were all lauding the couple for doing a great job both in their career and as well as in their love life.

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