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Gay Man Discovers His Bestfriend Is Cheating With His Foreigner Partner.

Gay Man Discovers His Bestfriend Is Cheating With His Foreigner Partner.

There are a lot of stories about cheating and love affair all over the internet. People are always intrigued by such things because a lot of us can relate to whats happening regarding these affairs. Yes, even though we didn't experience it, we can somehow relate because we can see the pain especially the victims of these relationships. It is really painful and many people are always sharing these things to the raise awareness of others and to avoid the possibilities of letting these things happen.

Whenever such stories are brought on the internet it will always go viral and you can see a lot of people give their comments on the matter. May it be their partner have an affair with an officemate or their partner having an affair with a close friend. This is a reality that exists in many couples in our modern times and it is really sad to hear whenever these things were brought online. Just like what recently happened to this gay couple. Apparently, the video is now going viral and people are making a buzz about it all over social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "GMA Network" featured a story about a woman who falls in love with his best friend's lover. We all know that this is a common love affair story in many households and people are curious about these things.

The story goes like this, a young man has a boyfriend whom he met online. He is an Arab which was known as "Arabo" in Filipino and they were miles apart from each other. Because of their love for each other, the Arabo went to the Philippines to see his boyfriend.

So the Arab went to the Philippines and finally, they have met. They were so excited to see each other and they enjoyed the company of one another. Then came the best friend of the young man, a woman who is his "kumare" and a close friend since childhood.

Because the woman was always with them, the Arab felt an attraction with the woman. They were talking to each other a lot without the knowledge of the young man. The woman fell in love with her best friend's lover and the feelings just burst out.

Because the intense feeling they had for each other and as well as the attraction they had, the woman fell and gave herself to the Arab even though she knows that he was her best friend's boyfriend.

The woman and the Arab had a nice time together but sadly some people saw what they are doing. The people reported it to the young man and he became furious of what he heard. He then went to see his Arab boyfriend and wanted to confirm the rumors.

The Arab told the truth and the relationship of the young man and young woman became complicated. They fought against each other and their relationship is never the same again. It was a really sad to see that people would fight like this for a foreign man. People were immediately caught in the video and it went massive on social media.

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Source: GMA Network


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