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Newborn Baby Girl Clings To Her Mother Seconds After She Was Born.

Having a baby is a life-changing experience. It is physically challenging but also deeply emotional. Many new parents will feel joy and happiness but perhaps also worried and nervous about the responsibility of having a newborn to look after. We might have been familiar with the nightmarish occasional labor pains of a pregnant woman, but nothing can beat the intense joy once the baby enters this world.

However, the joy was immediately intensified when the bundle of joy in this story left everyone around her dumbfounded after what she did to her mother.

Some moms could feel a whole range of emotions – from complete exhaustion to total elation. If this is a first baby, it may even feel a little strange to be home. Some may have an overwhelming sensation that life has changed forever. What was exclusively an adult home before the birth is now your family home, complete with the extra little person you’ve brought into the world.

On April 5, 2017, mother Brenda Coelho de Souza from Brazil gave birth to her daughter, Agata Ribeiro Coelho via C-section. After the mother delivered the baby, the medical team placed Baby Agata next to her mom. Then this happened.

The baby extended her little arms and hugged her mother’s face. It’s as if Baby Agata was caressing her mother’s cheek. Astonished by her daughter’s gesture, the mother, who was obviously at a loss for words, couldn’t help but smile. Baby Agata seemed to have fallen in love at the first sight of her mommy because she did not budge and even cried when the doctors tried detaching her from her mother. Talk about this utterly sweet moment!

“It was an incredible moment when my daughter hugged me for the first time,” Brenda said, recalling the moment her daughter first hugged her.

“The medical team were great and were all really surprised that she acted this way. They couldn’t believe how affectionate she was with me,” she added, recollecting the doctor and the medical team’s reaction to seeing the baby’s gesture.

This precious moment was not just confined within the walls of the delivery room. The significant moment was recorded and it immediately spread like wildfire, garnering a lot of positive comments from people across the globe. This rare and amazing moment only marks the beginning of a wonderful loving relationship with the mother and daughter.

There's something so beautiful about having your newborn beside you. The way he or she is comforted by your touch and satisfied by the nourishment your body is able to provide... it's a miraculous thing. As that precious, tiny human falls asleep on you, you breathe a joyful sigh. A baby is the most special, gorgeous human on the planet and he/she is all yours! Plus, that little face is just so darn cute! Even if the crying does start again a few minutes later... it's totally worth it.

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Source: Daily Mail


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