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Contestant Mary Grace Surprises Many With Her Horror-Comedy Act At PGT6 Auditions.

Contestant Mary Grace Surprises Many With Her Horror-Comedy Act At PGT6 Auditions.

Many of us are always excited when it comes to talent shows and competitions on TV. Yes, it is part of our Filipino culture that we share and showcase our talents for the whole country to see and it is always a huge honor to watch our fellow countrymen boast of their talents and skills in front of the whole country. One thing that is also great in this talent competitions is that it allows the contestant to have the opportunity to be famous and to be known by many people.

Yes, shows like Pilipinas Got Talent can give an opportunity to many people and they had made a lot of big names now in the showbiz industry. This is the truth when you are extremely talented and above the rest especially if you always give an element of surprise to the people for they will surely love you. Just like what recently happened with the contestant named Mary Grace on PGT season 6. She's been making a buzz all over social media after people saw her performance in the auditions of the said show. They have been talking about it all over and many people were quite surprised at what she did.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named Pilipinas Got Talent featured the contestant named Mary Grace. We all know that the show consists of different acts and performance from people all over the country and only the best of the bests rise to the top.

Usually, when a contestant enters the stage, she will introduce herself and make her act known to the audience. But this time, Mary Grace had a weird introduction and she entered the stage with the terrifying "Sadako" look and she slowly walks towards the judges.

The judge especially Vice Ganda and Robin were totally surprised and the two seemed to be afraid on the intro of Mary Grace. She walks towards the judge without saying a word and all of the audience were really surprised by the horror she did.

It made an impression that she will do a Horror Magic Show because of recent Asia's Got Talent Grand Winner Sacred Rihanna. But little did the people know what Mary Grace was about to do and she really caught them by surprise.

With all the horrible act that she made, Mary Grace suddenly pulls out a rice pot and place it on a white handkerchief in the middle of the table. She pulls off the handkerchief without the pot being moved. This is a famous craze on the internet and in a moment the atmosphere changed and everyone started laughing.

She then pulls out an electric fan and she did the same thing. The judges and the people were laughing and were cheering for her because she is delivering her act the funny way. She then pulls out a huge TV and washing machine which made people hysterical because her skit is way too funny.

Later on, she got the "Yes" of the judges and made her to the competition. The video went massively viral all over social media and the video is now number one on trending on YouTube. People are now going crazy about her and were all looking forward to more of her acts.

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Source: YouTube | ABS-CBN


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