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Obese Guy Transforms Into A Fit Guy After Losing Impressive Amount Of Weight.

Staying motivated for fitness can sometimes be a struggle but keeping active is crucial to maintaining long-term health for your heart and body. It is said that rejection is one of the greatest motivators to change for the better. Rejection comes in many forms, be it in terms of career opportunities or personal relationships. This obese guy who was spurned by a woman for being “too fat” got the last laugh by physically transforming himself.

Motivation is a key element that will drive you to reach and accomplish your desired goals. We all lack in motivation from time to time but during the winter months, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with your weekly fitness routine.

Mos Sataporn lives in Thailand and is the owner of a mobile phone shop. As a man who loves his meats and high-calorie food, Mos was obese, tipping the scale at 155 kgs. Although he’s quite tall at 185 centimeters, his body mass index (BMI) still classified him as overweight.

Because he is considered “obese” by society’s standards, his friends often make him the butt of their jokes. A healthy dose of ribbing was fine for him – until a woman he liked flat out rejected him because of his unhealthy appearance.

With rejection as his sole motivation, Mos began eating healthy – partaking of fish, vegetables, and chicken, among others – and reduced his intake of high-calorie foods. According to him, he didn’t take any supplements nor did he try any fad diets.

To supplement his healthy eating, Mos went to the gym to bulk up and tone his body. Aside from working out, he often starts his day by running for at least one hour.

Admittedly, changing his sedentary lifestyle was an uphill battle for Mos. But he stuck to his new regimen, losing 5 kgs in just a month. After a year of dieting and working out, Mos managed to shave off 75 kgs.

Mos shared his dramatic weight loss transformation on Facebook, earning praise from netizens who were also motivated to follow his lead. His post eventually became viral, racking up more than 58,000 reactions and over 15,000 comments. Moreover, it has been shared almost 34,000 times since it was posted last year.

Now at 80 kgs, Mos is starting to turn heads due to his matinee idol-esque looks. However, he will always remember what it felt like to be the obese guy. He once said, “If you want to diet, the first thing you have to do is to fight with your inner self. If others can do it, why not you?” 
By committing to a planned exercise and diet plan developed by you and your doctor, anyone with life-threatening excess weight can make great strides with their health. Knowing how many calories you should be eating and drinking a day can help you maintain or lose weight while making sure it coincides with how many calories you’re burning each day.

What do you think of this obese guy’s dramatic transformation? Do you know someone who also underwent a significant physical change? Share your stories and opinions in the comments section!

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