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People Notice "Francis M" In Maxene Magalona's Wedding March.

People Noticed Francis Magalona's Presence In Maxene's Wedding March.

Weddings are one of the most special occasions in our lives. This is a once in a lifetime thing to experience and most of the time we are always getting pretty busy when it comes to its preparation. People, especially the bride, want to make this occasion really memorable so we gave our all in planning and making things happen in this one-time event of our lives. We can always see different kinds of styles when it comes to weddings, from different games to different surprises, weddings are indeed one of a kind.

Closest friends and relatives are all invited and almost everyone will be busy in preparation for the event. People will be there to celebrate together because they want to witness that one of their friends or family members is now happy with her one true love. This is really a beautiful thing to witness and whenever weddings are about to happen, we make sure that we wouldn't miss it. Recently, Maxene Magalona and Robby Mananquil tied the knot in Boracay. Now, they have been a buzz on social media not just because of the beautiful wedding but people noticed something while everyone was excited to see Maxene in her wedding march.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "The John Lloyd Cruz Channel" featured the wedding march of the actress Maxene Magalona on her big day. We all know that the actress is really popular all over the country because of her success in her career in showbiz.

She did quite well on many projects, TV shows, and advertisements and she has built a huge following on social media. Also, Maxene Magalona became famous because of the fame of his father, the master rapper Francis M. 

Recently, the actress has been making a buzz on social media after people saw the wedding march video. People are now talking about it because they were surprised of what they saw.

While everyone is happy to see the bride (Maxene) and were so focused on her, the camera caught a glimpse of somewhat a mysterious image in the altar. Apparently, the man in front of the altar is all blurred but you can see in his posture the same posture of that of Francis M while standing.

It immediately gained the attention of many people and they are now speculating things about the video. They were still confused whether it was Francis M or the groom Robby Mananquil. Fans of Francis M are sure of how he stands and it is really similar. They were shocked of what they saw and many people are now debating whether it was an image of Francis or the groom.

The video went massive on social media and they are now talking about it all over. People are commending the actress for she is really beautiful and they said that if it was Francis M in front of the altar, they are sure that he is happy for her.

Many people are still giving their speculations on the video and they are now talking about it on social media. Fans and supporters are happy to see that Maxene Magalona is truly happy with her husband Robby and they also know that the legendary master rapper Francis M is really happy with what happened with his daughter.

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Source: ABS-CBN | GMA News

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  1. From such memorable moment, the presence of the father on their wedding day is quite the gift could ever received. And seeing how organized it is, they must have chosen the right wedding coordinator to plan out wedding details and needs.