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Popular Filipino Celebrities Then and Now Before They Were Famous.

Is it really so shocking that celebrities age? We'd say no, but sometimes, it actually is. Some of us might have been binge-watching an entire TV series that ended over a decade ago. Then when we went on the web to look the cast up after we finished being glued to the TV, it was actually shocking to see them today with a different look. You think of these people as their characters stuck in the past, when really, they are just like us.

When they’d just barely begun off on their individual roads to popularity, nobody could have thought about what might happen to them, or that they would one day be the idols or admired by many people. Whether they were child stars who have grown-up out of the limelight or famous faces who weren’t always so glam, it’s always interesting to see what becomes of A-list Pinoy actresses, award-winning singers, and famous TV stars – and where they came from! Some celebs never go out of style, and their throwback celebrity pictures prove that age really is just a number! But some of these snaps are pictures the celebrities now would really rather forget!

Take a look at these throwback celebrity pictures of our favorite stars before a stylist got their hands on them! From Vice Ganda’s drastic transformation to a fresh-faced, petite Arci Munoz, and a pre-Instagram Kim Chu – these celebrities are unrecognizable from their younger selves in these throwback celebrity pictures!

Angeline Quinto

Angeline is a Filipino singer, actress, and winner of Star Power: Sharon’s Search For The Next Female Pop Superstar in 2011. After being a “plain jane” during her journey in Star Power, she has now turned into a sexy bombshell.

Sarah Lahbati

Sarah is a finalist on the 5th season of StarStruck in GMA. After winning the fifth cycle of this reality show, she drastically became prettier and she is now tagged as a “hot momma” to his son Baby Zion with her fiance Richard Gutierrez.

KZ Tandingan

She is the first ever winner of the X-Factor Philippines. With her spine-chilling voice, she had found her place in the music industry and she is now considered as one of the sought-after singers of today’s generation.

Alodia Gosiengfiao

She started as a host but she pursued her passion in cosplaying and was even dubbed as the “Cosplay Goddess.”

Kim Chiu

She rose to fame when she won in the reality show of ABS-CBN, the Pinoy Big Brother. After getting out of the house, she immediately proceeded into acting partnered with fellow housemate Gerald Anderson.

Erich Gonzales

After her winning spree in Star Circle Quest, the career and the beauty of Erich seemed unstoppable in blooming.

Vice Ganda

Who knew that the picture on the left would grow up to be a famous comedian, actor, and performer. He is well-known and well-loved because of his funny antics and jokes.

Kris Bernal

She also started the run of her career in Star Struck and gone are the “pa-tweetums” days of her as she became sultry and gorgeous than ever before.

Arci Munoz

She as well started one of the contestants in the talent show Star Struck. Although many were shocked at her change of network because the unrecognition of the people of her fave, she is now considered to be one of the actresses to have a beautiful face.

We have here, some photos of celebrities taken long before they became known and their shocking transformations after reaching the peak of their success in their respective careers.

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