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Remember That Beautiful Actress? This is Tanya Garcia’s Life Now.

There seems to be a newly engaged couple in the show business every five minutes, but not every celebrity has been in a rush to walk down the aisle. From A-list movie stars to talk-show hosts to comedians, some of the biggest names in show business made sure to sowed all of their wild oats before settling down. And while some couples are no longer an item, all of these duos waited until after they turned 40 to say "I do" for the first or second time.

Married life would change the life of an individual as one would deal with a new chapter of life, looking forward to creating a new family and be more responsible for providing the needs. On showbiz personalities settling down is a major issue because they need to prioritize between career life and family life.

Tanya Garcia, a Filipina telenovela actress has been discovered for the reality talent search of ABS-CBN, Star Circle Quest 5. She transferred to the GMA Network and was given a break to star in one of the longest telenovelas as Cecilia paired with Dingdong Dantes, 'Sana Ikaw na Nga'.

Tanya Garcia also starred and cast in different films and the telebabad runs in the Kapuso network. At 2015 she went back to her mother network and starred on some shows. In 2010, she married Mark Lapid in 2010, when she was pregnant with their second child.

Mark Lapid is the son of the senator and action star Lito Lapid, that now makes Tanya Garcia as his daughter-in-law. Their youngest was born in 2016, and on Tanya Garcia’s account, she uploaded a video of her family singing a song to their 7-month-old baby, and the whole family is singing and the two sisters are teasing each other fighting over who will blow the candle, while Mark Lapid is holding a cake.

The Lapid family is engaged in a healthy lifestyle, like marathons and swimming. No wonder Tanya was able to maintain her figure at 36 and still remains to be a fashionista as what her social media accounts would tell us.

Living a more simple life helps you become the best version of yourself because you aren’t worrying about materialistic or unimportant things. You’ll learn to be happy with less- and it has nothing to do with not being able to afford things, but rather being able to understand that you don’t need those things. A lot of celebrities, despite their income and fame, believe that living a more simplistic lifestyle is the best way to live.

One might have chosen a peaceful life away from the camera and reporters for interviews, Tanya Garcia looked happy and satisfied with her growing family.

Down to Earth Celebs are hard to find today, mostly because they prefer enjoying the little privacy they have and tend to distance themselves from all the scandals and focus on things that actually made them famous. These celebrities are basically aware of the fact that they are just humans and that money doesn’t make them any better than us, everyday folks. And guess what? We love them for that!

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