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Robin Padilla Gave His Thoughts On The New Generation Of Young Celebrities.

Robin Padilla Gave His Thoughts On The New Generation Of Young Celebrities.

In any kind of industry, there is always someone above you in the ladder of success. Yes, may it be in the tech industry, or food, or even in the showbiz industry, there are people who are already there and making a name in the big leagues. Being newcomers in the industry, it is always important to see them as senior brother or sister that may guide you in your line of work. But this kind of perspective requires a huge deal of humility and respect to those who came before and now making it big in the tough competition of the industry.

This is also true to people who are working in the showbiz industry. There are a lot of actors and actresses whom we might call "veterans" in the industry. This means that they became veterans not just because of the long time they've been acting but rather because they were respected by people because they displayed their great talents, amazing charm, and their astounding good looks. Yet sometimes we can hear veteran celebrities share their thoughts regarding the new generation who are entering and making their way in showbiz. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal actor Robin Padilla. He's been the talk of the town ever since people hear what he thinks about the new generation of actors and actresses in showbiz.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Hot Issue" featured the famous idol actor Robin Padilla. We all know that Robin is in the showbiz industry for the longest time and he was successful all throughout his career.

Recently, the actor is making a buzz on social media after people heard about his latest interview on PEP. According to reports, the actor was asked the question "What are his thoughts regarding the younger actors and actresses in the industry?"

This is a very tough question for any veteran actor in the industry because they came from a different generation and when he compares it to what is happening now the gap is really huge and the values are quite different.

In the report, the actor said that the generation now is really different compared to what he has gone through. He shared that during his time when he was a new actor, they are required to respect the actors who came before them by greeting them and being nice to them.

If such rude attitude were done to your senior actors and actresses, the big bosses of the network will come to you and scold you for being rude to those who come before you.

But this time it was really different, young stars today are not even saying hi to them and they were quite shy. He said that there is one encounter that a young celebrity went a ride together with him in an elevator and he didn't even say hi. The actor interpreted it as rude and he thought that today's generation wanted us to say that "Ako nga pala si Robin Padilla."

But the actor concluded the interview that this is not a comparison and they were not forcing it on the news stars but it is really awesome to witness when young actors have respect to actors who came before them.

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Source: Youtube | PEP


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