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Ruffa Gutierrez Slams Basher Who Called Her Fat.

Ruffa Gutierrez Slams Basher Who Called Her Fat.

In our modern day and age, people now have instant access to everything. Whether it is something they need or something they want it is always available. This is all possible because of the advance tech apps that we have that enable us to connect to them through the internet. Yes, the internet also could connect us with our loved ones and as well as our favorite celebrities. It's easy, fast and very reliable. But it also has its downside, though we as fans and supporters are always happy when we see updates on our favorite celebrities, sometimes we cannot control what other people might say to them.

We all would agree that the internet is very useful but likewise very open when it comes to opinions and judgments of the people. One moment everything seems fine and the next thing you know, the celebrity you are following is now the topic of everyone in social media. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal actress Ruffa Gutierrez. She's been the talk of the town recently on social media after telling her fans what a certain basher did to her. Now, many are surprised of how she handled it and it is now going viral all over.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Mr. Tsismoso" featured the actress Ruffa Gutierrez. We all know that the actress is really famous all over the country and a lot of people were seriously following and admiring her because of her beauty, skills, and influence.

She did a lot of projects in the past and has received a lot of awards for the success she did in her career. With these in mind, many of us can say that the actress has been looked up to and being respected by different people and as well as their fellow celebrities in the showbiz industry.

But sometimes, we cannot control what people might say whenever they noticed something about a certain thing with the actress. We all know that Ruffa Gutierrez has been doing a lot of stuff like managing business and projects. She's really a busy person and there are a lot of people seeing her.

Recently, she has been making a buzz on social media after bringing in a story on Instagram. Apparently, one person didn't like and called her fat. She was really pissed with the person that she brought it out on social media.

In a lengthy post on IG, she told what happened and people were surprised by her response to that basher. She said that even though she gained weight the basher looked like a nail on her right toe because she is bigger than her.

The IG story immediately gained the attention of many people on social media. They were now giving their comments on the post and they were commending the actress with her fierce response. Some even said that the basher deserves to receive that kind of response because she is rude towards the actress.

Later on, it went massively viral on social media and they are now talking about Ruffa Gutierrez on different social media pages, channels, and websites.

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