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Ryan Bang Breaks His Silence Over Robin Padilla's Sermon On Korean PGT Contestant.

Ryan Bang Breaks His Silence Over Robin Padilla's Sermon On Korean PGT Contestant.

There are a lot of times where people show their love and patriotism for their country. It is really admirable and very beautiful thing to witness because it shows their passion, love, and understanding for the homeland that they deeply cared for. This also comes with the conviction of understanding that the country is very complex and a lot of its members shared different opinions and values. But one thing is common with these patriotic people is that they very vocal about it and they express their love openly to almost anyone.

Some of us can see them as role models and they become icons in the country because we want to be like them. Given the situation of the Philippines, many of us believed that we need to be very vocal and stand true to our love for our land. This is already seen to the superstar celebrity, Robin Padilla. But recently he's been making a buzz on social media after an episode of his show Pilipinas Got Talent was aired on TV. He received a lot of reactions from people after hearing what he said towards a Korean Contestant. Now, a Korean actor named Ryan Bang broke his silence over the topic and he is now going viral all over social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube "Stars Photog Vidz" featured the Korean actor and TV Host, Ryan Bang. We all know that the actor is really famous all over the country and he is one of the most popular foreign celebrities in the showbiz industry in the country.

Not just with his talents in hosting that made him very successful but also his skills in acting, comedy, and the way he speaks Tagalog even though he is a Korean. Known to be one of the cutest and funniest comedian in the broadcasting network, Ryan Bang, took the showbiz industry by storm in the famous noontime show of ABS-CBN called "It's Showtime".

With all these in mind, Ryan Bang has been followed by many people both on social media and as well as in real life. Fans and supporters are all excited about his jokes and presence in different projects and shows in the network. But recently, people wanted to know what are his thoughts about the recent incident in the show called Pilipinas Got Talent.

We can remember that Robin Padilla made a scene with one of the contestants of the show. Apparently, a talented magician named Jiwan Kim who hails from Korea joins the auditions. At first, the contestant introduced himself as a Korean who's been staying in the Philippines for 10 years and he really loves the Philippines.

But the judge Robin Padilla didn't buy his act, the actor insisted that he needs to speak in Filipino while doing his tricks to him. The magician moved on and tried his best to speak Tagalog while doing magic to the seemingly distant judge. He did well and got the yes of 3 judges including Robin. But people on social media started to give out their opinions about it and they were saying their negative sentiments to the actor. 

Now, Ryan Bang speaks up and tells everyone that there is nothing wrong with what Robin Padilla said about being patriotic and loving the Philippines. He also explained that it was partly the magician's fault for not being courteous towards the judge. He also explained that it is part of being a foreigner in a strange land to learn the culture of the country and one of which is being courteous to everyone.

A post shared by 라이언 방 (@ryanbang) on

A post shared by 라이언 방 (@ryanbang) on

The actor Ryan Bang affirmed his fellow Korean that he can ask him advice on how to handle the next performances. He is willing to teach him the Filipino language and the country's culture.

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  1. do you honestly think that he would say anything against Robin in this case and risk losing work here.