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Pregnant Saab Magalona Slams Basher Who Called Her Fat.

Pregnant Saab Magalona Slams Basher Who Called Her Fat.

Many of us would probably agree that being pregnant is really hard. This is one of the challenges that being a mother have. Carrying a growing child in your womb and your body being change along with the baby's growth, being pregnant is one of the hardest but also the most fulfilling duty that every mother did in this world. Yet sometimes there are people in lives that couldn't understand the hardships that pregnant women are going to and they say some mean things about them. We don't why but sometimes its really frustrating that people will hate something about you while you are pregnant.

This is also true when it comes to famous people like celebrities. Because everyone's eyes are on them, people can easily give out their sentiments and comments on the matter, especially if they see a certain change on you, they will flood you and you will become huge topic on social media. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal actress Saab Magalona. She's been making a buzz all over social media after people saw her recent post on Instagram ranting about a person who says mean things about her.

An Instagram story is now going viral all over social media after the actress Saab Magalona brought a rant on her account. We all know that the actress is really popular all over social media because of her incredible acting and skills and as well as her outstanding beauty.

She also became famous because of her father Francis Magalona who is a musician, actor and definitely a legend in the showbiz industry. She has built a huge fan base all over social media and people admired her for her beauty and amazing talents.

Recently, the actress became the talk of the town on social media after seeing her post on Instagram. We all know that the actress is pregnant with twins and her tummy is really big right now. But sometimes we encounter people who have no idea of what's happening in the world and will give their opinions without knowing and understanding what's happening with the other person.

In the Instagram post, the actress is quite angry with a certain basher who said something about her weight. Apparently, she was called fat and it hurt the actress because she's going through a lot because of her pregnancy.

She posted a lengthy message to that person and have said that it is really rude and mean to call a person fat especially when they are pregnant with twins. The post immediately gained the attention of many people on social media.

People are now giving their sentiments on that basher and they were all defending the actress. People also gave their affirmations to the actress and have said that she needs to focus on her babies and do not mind the people who are saying negative things about her.

The post went massively viral all over social media and people are now talking about it all over social media. People are all lauding the actress for her bravery and they were all saying that she is will be a great mother towards her children.

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