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Shocking Filipino Artists Transformation In 2017.

There's no question that many of today's celebrities are well-dressed, gorgeous, and great at posing (often with the help of teams of people). Some haven't always looked so flawless, though.

We've already taken time to look at our favorite celebrities' first TV appearances,   reminded us that most people, famous or not, have a bit of an awkward phase. (Luckily not all of us had to appear in television at that point in our lives!) Let's take a look at the celebrities who have gotten amazing transformations this year.

2017 was indeed a year of transformations for some of this generation’s biggest celebrities. Social media was flooded with before and after photos of these celebs, with people sharing their thoughts on the best and worst transformations.

1. Jake Zyrus

Formerly known as Charice Pempengco, Jake Zyrus came out on his 21st birthday last 2013. In a speech, he said he has finally come to accept who he really was and felt much happier. However, he was initially bashed by people for expressing his true gender identity – the transman Jake Zyrus. This did not stop Jake from expressing himself, getting his breasts removed by Dr. Manny and Pie Calayan on his birthday last March 2017.

2. Arci Muñoz

Arci came out with her new look in August 2017, sporting a pointier and more prominent nose. People were not so happy about her various transformations, saying she should not have gone under the knife. Some of them even said she looked funny, like a female version of Michael Jackson. Of course, Arci did not let these comments pass and made it clear that she can do whatever she wants with her own body.

3. Miho Nishida

The Pinoy Big Brother 737 Big winner showed off her new look when she posted a photo of her and stand-up comedian Jo Koy in December 2017. People quickly noticed the ‘enhancements’ and bashed her for having her nose fixed. The actress, however, admitted that she wanted to improve the way she looks, adding that there was nothing wrong in doing so.

4. Xander Ford

Perhaps the most talked about the transformation of 2017 is the ‘death’ of Marlou Arizala and the ‘birth’ of Xander Ford. From an internet sensation who was always bullied for his looks, Xander’s transformation made him the newest oppa in town. In an interview with “Rated K”, Xander thanked The Icon Clinic for his unbelievable transformation. The social media figure even trended on Twitter worldwide on the night his new look was revealed!

Humankind is able to cope with change, but on top of differences between people that have yet to be settled, there are problems that will take some time to bring to a conclusion. Understand that in the main you are responsible for the conditions that have led to some of the difficulties. Man does not realize the extent to which his actions affect everything. Anything that is creating and is the negative energies invariably creates fear and it is liable to pull the higher vibrations down.

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However, slowly but surely those who generate so much negativity are losing their power as more and more people are turning to the happy side. In one sense the battle has already been won and the negative (bashers) will continue to become isolated. However, it takes time to re-establish a society based on love, but it is beginning to happen all over the world, and the love is quickly growing.

What can you say about these most controversial celebrity transformations of 2017? Share with us and other netizens your thoughts in the comments section below!


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