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Sue Ramirez Isn’t Afraid To Get Silly And Real In Front Of The Camera.

Whirlpool of talent! That’s the only way to describe some of the Hottest Teen Celebrities in this generation. As role models get younger and we continue to be amazed at what some of these teen celebrities have managed to achieve so young, all we can say is that they deserve a standing ovation and a mention! One of the celebrities that we are talking about is Sue Ramirez.

Always get yourself a girl who can do both! Or in this case, look up to young celebrities who know when to use their showbiz image and when to show their real and relatable selves. We are so used to seeing these showbiz actors act prim and proper because of the persona they have to maintain. But once in a while, we are greeted with stars who aren’t afraid to show how silly they can be. Right, Sue Ramirez?

The “Hanggang Saan” actress is well-loved by her fans not only because she’s mega-talented but because Sue is real. She isn’t afraid to look silly or candid in front of the camera and even posts the “bad” photos on her Instagram account.

Here are some wacky pictures of Sue that just make us love her more:

It’s nice to know that us ordinary people aren’t the only ones who drool when we sleep! But isn’t it unfair how pretty the actress is even if her mouth is wide open? Let’s face it, all of us could use improvement now and then, and it’s an itch when people point out the shortcomings in your arguments or tell you that you that your “facts” are wrong. A silly girl will never do that. She will marvel at the most stupid statement you make and regard you as Einstein when you’re really Supandi.

Magazines are usually one way of seeing our favorite stars sporting their best looks. But not everything that happens inside a professional studio turns out to be gold. Just take a look at this silly picture of Sue in between takes for her photoshoot.

Wacky faces never looked this good on us? WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? One thing us plain old regular folk LOVE to see is celebrities in their natural state! The best way to get a look at such a rare find is to catch them sleeping, of course, because that’s when they have on the least makeup, least expect the flash, and can’t be absolutely perfect for the camera.

In many ways, celebrities can seem like a completely different species. With huge social media followings and a salary few ordinary folk could compete with, it is no wonder why people perceive celebrities almost as distant, mythical creatures who will only ever be seen on TV or in magazine pages. Still, there are many celebrities out there who are a lot more ordinary than people think - like Sue Ramirez. They’re the kind of people you could grab a drink with or, possibly party with.

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Smart, funny and brave, Sue Ramirez is someone you could imagine yourself hanging out with, right? The night, most likely, would start off with her cracking a joke, which would leave you in stitches and desperately try to compete with her wicked sense of humor. Imagine how fun it would be! She’d also probably tell you about her experience and maybe, just maybe, she’d let you into a few saucy secrets about some of the celebrities she knows.

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Are you a fan of Sue Ramirez? Which one of the silly photos was your favorite? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

Source: Instagram | ABS-CBN


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