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The Mystery Behind Why People Are Not Allowed To Swim At 12 Noon In This Enchanted River.

The Mysterious Story Behind The Hinatuan Enchanted In River Surigao del Sur.

Hidden in the Philippine jungle is a short stretch of river that seems to pop up out the ground just to send it's miraculously clear, blue water out to sea. The Hinatuan Enchanted River in Mindanao, Philippines, is a flawless saltwater river that flows into the Pacific Ocean. It is around 80-feet deep, and just barely long enough to be considered a river, yet the flow attracts visitors from around the world who want to experience the beautiful waters that locals have long thought to be miraculous.

In fact, no one is sure exactly where the saltwater emanates from, although the prevailing theory involves an underground cave system which spits the river out, free of any dirt or silt which would usually cloud such a stream. Whatever the explanation, the clean waters are a natural wonder unlike any other.

Back in 2014, the story behind the Hinatuan Enchanted River captured the attention of the people who love adventure. At about 30 minutes from the town of Hinatuan, there’s a river that’s being called the Enchanted River because of its story. The Hinatuan River, also known as the Enchanted River, flows into the Philippine Sea which is six hundred meters away from the coastline of Hinatuan Bay. But the thing is, no one has an idea where the water is coming from.

At first look, you might think that the Blue Lagoon in the Enchanted River was photoshopped. The waters are so crystal-clear that you can see the riverbed and the deepest part of the river. According to a report, a tourist once dived in, attempting to reach the bottom of the river, but to no avail.

Generally, people only swim in the area with the shades that range from aquamarine to blue. The darker the color, the deeper the water. However, the most magical part of the Enchanted River is the fact that by 12 noon, all the tourists and visitors are being forced to get out of the water to give way for the ‘feeding time’. A caretaker of the Enchanted River would ring the bell that would request everyone to get out of the water.

Afterwards, the ‘Hymn of Hinatuan’ will be played and after a few moments, a school of fish will come out of the water. The fish will then gather around the near mouth of the river where the caretaker and tourists would feed them leftover rice, shrimp, bread, and other food scraps. Once the feeding time is over, the fishes will start to vanish.

Also, night swimming is prohibited. No one is allowed to go near the river after 5 in the afternoon. According to a local legend, the evening is the time for those unseen out of this world beings to use the river. There is a story that talks about a father and his son who saw “two long-haired, alabaster-skinned women bathing under a plump moon” and disappeared in a swirl of fireflies.

Have you heard of the poem ‘Rio Encantado’? According to the report made by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the poem was about the Enchanted River. The poem, Oribe wrote, “talks of a ‘crystalline stream flowing from hidden spring,’ ‘rocky brims ’amongst vines,’ ‘orchids and ferns,’ ‘canopy of rich green mirrored in water-tinted blue,’ and ‘gold lined with gems." After visiting Enchanted River, a visitor penned in his blog: “Seeing something majestic almost always leaves people speechless, even breathless!

That is exactly how you feel the instant you lay your sights on Enchanted River. The experience is utterly difficult to translate into words when none of it ever suffices to describe its beauty and splendor.” Meanwhile, back in March 2017,  there was a report that the Hinatuan Enchanted River was closed. Tourists and locals weren’t allowed to swim and visit the place. Due to the influx of visitors, the Enchanted River has experienced abuse from its visitors. It was re-opened but then, the visitors can never swim in the blue lagoon ever. The local government stated that they wanted to preserve its beauty for the future generations

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