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These Famous Celebrities Are Related To Each Other By Blood And One Of Them Is Our Favorite Actor!

Doesn’t it seem like most celebs are born with talent running through their veins? That’s because they are. Even though it’s not always right up in our faces, nepotism in the show business industry is definitely alive and well. What we’re trying to say is, almost everyone who is a celebrity is in some way related to another person who is famous—and most we aren’t even aware of.

Having one’s whole family working in the showbiz industry in common in the Philippine showbiz industry. “Showbiz Royalty” is the term that is used referring to a celebrity that is a son or a daughter of two actors. But in the confusing and messy world of show business, some people are often told that this actor is related to this actor and this actor but in reality, it is not true. But there is some showbiz personality that is actually blood-related but it is not widely known.

There is no denying that talent runs deep in many of Hollywood’s most famous family dynasties. From the Gutierrez and the Cruz’s to the Sottos and the De Leon's, it seems some of the most beloved actors and actresses often produce stars of their own. So, you have your cousins, then you have your second cousins, and third cousins ... and then fourth cousins in the show business.

As your family tree grows, it becomes increasingly complicated. But if you think your ancestry is hard to track, wait until you get a load of the crazy familial connections in the showbiz industry. Thanks to the use of stage names, there are plenty of famous faces you didn't realize were actually related. Well, let us just look at who are these celebs that people didn’t know are actually blood-related.

1. Bryan Santos and Charo Santos Concio - Bryan Santos or Gael of “La Luna Sangre” is actually the nephew of ABS-CBN President and CEO Charo Santos-Concio

2. Dingdong Dantes and Paul Salas - Paul Salas is a nephew of the Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes

3. Enrique Gil and Paul Salas - And on the other side, Paul is a cousin of Enrique Gil

4. Beth Tamayo and Dominic Roque - Dominic Roque is a nephew of the brilliant actress and Judy Ann Santos’ best friend, Beth Tamayo

5. Gab Valenciano and Donny Pangilinan - Donny is actually a cousin of Gab Valenciano

6. Alyanna Angeles and Angel Locsin - The cute daughter of Shaina Magdayao in “Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo” is actually Angel Locsin’s niece in real life

7. Anna Maria De Tagle and Sylvia De La Torre - Anna Maria is the granddaughter of the “Queen of Kundiman” Sylvia De La Torre

8. Shay Mitchell and Lea Salonga - Will you believe that Shay Mitchell of PLL (Pretty Little Liars) is cousins with the world-renowned Filipino Singer Lea Salonga? Isn’t that shocking?

9. Isabel Rivas and Marco Gumabao - The veteran actress Isabel Rivas is the auntie of the young star Marco Gumabao

10. Randy and Raymart Santiago and Pauleen Luna - Do you know that Pauleen Luna is a niece of the Santiago brothers?

11. Ruffa Gutierrez and Bruno Mars - Another shocking truth is that the Gutierrez siblings (Ruffa included) are Bruno Mars’ Titos and Tita

12. Antonio Aquitania and Daniel Padilla - The bubble gang regular Antonio Aquitania is also an uncle of the Teen King Daniel Padilla

Whether through blood or marriage, many celebrities all seem to be part of the same family tree.

Did we miss anyone? Post your comments if you are shocked at some of your discoveries and like our page for more stories like this!

Source: ABS-CBN


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