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These Five Ladies Were Hailed As The Most Gorgeous Police Women In The Philippines.

Working as a police officer in the PNP gives rewarding benefits, compensation, and generous retirement pension. The salaries are good enough and the security is stronger than working in a private firm because you will be working in the government – means bankruptcy is unlikely to occur. The government will always have the budget for all PNP personnel no matter what happens.

People are currently going gaga over the viral post that revealed the hottest policewomen who are currently rendering service to the Philippines. Will you believe it if we tell you that these ladies aren’t just good at taking down the bad guys, but are also good in leaving everyone in awe because of their beauty? Are you ready to surrender to the beautiful cops in the country?

If looks and beauty are enough to overpowered someone, then these ladies no longer need guns. Five policewomen were hailed as the hottest and most badass policewomen in the Philippines. These policewomen are PO2 Ney-Ney Macaranas, PO1 Marriel Tajonera, PO1 Jane Kalakayan, PO1 Jeanne Cayabyab, and of course PS1 Sofia Loren Deliu.

Check out the list of policewomen below:

1. PO2 Ney-Ney Macaranas

A policewoman from Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte. She loves watching basketball when she’s not on duty. In an interview, she said: I remember when I was young, I was watching TV and I saw men in uniform marching on the ground. I told my mom, “Mi, I wanna be like them. Pwede naman babae diyan di ba? Ano'ng age ba pwede?” She firmly answered, “Your dad won’t allow you. Sabi niya nga di ba, wala siyang papayagan sa mga anak niya na magpulis o magsundalo.”

2. PO1 Marriel Tajonera

A Criminology graduate from the Laguna State Polytechnic University. At the age of 22, she must have captured a lot of hearts already. In an interview, she said: As a policewoman, we should have “pleasing personality.” No one is “unattractive.” It’s just how you project yourself when you interact with the people you serve, they won’t be hesitant to approach you. At the same time, they will look up to you with a certain level of respect. Putting on makeup is just a part of enhancing your beauty. Just don’t overdo it.

3.PO1 Jane Kalakayan

‘She’s one of the most popular for she has already gained more than 50,000 followers on her personal Facebook account. In an interview, she said: I have always dreamed of becoming a woman in uniform—it's so astig! But also it runs in the blood—my dad was a police officer, too, and he inspired me in so many ways. He is, for me, the real-life Cardo Dalisay from Ang Probinsyano. Whenever I heard stories about the heroism he displayed and the awards he had brought home, not to mention all the compliments shared by his colleagues, subordinates, and civilians he had helped, all those things convinced me to be more like him when I was growing up.

4. PO1 Jeanne Cayabyab

You can never mess with PO1 Jeanne Cayabyab. Despite her angelic beauty, she can definitely take you down without any hassle. In an interview, she said: I am far from being boyish. But when it comes to outfits, I have partly embraced that idea. Before entering the service, girly clothes were totally my thing; I even have a collection of stilettos, wedges, and high-heeled boots. But now that I’m already in the service, I found sneakers and rubber shoes to be comfier. And on my regular days, I’m more of a T-shirt kind of girl.

5. PS1 Sofia Loren Deliu

Before she was voted as one of the hottest policewomen in the Philippines, she first made it to Top 15 of the Miss Earth Philippines 2015 pageant. In an interview, she said: I’ve always been treated like one of the boys, even when I was not a policewoman. In my circle, where the majority are men, they would sometimes joke around as if to treat me like a lady, but that just won’t work; doing that is a big joke for me.

It sure is mesmerizing to meet such hot and badass policewomen. They are here to protect and serve, but also they are very beautiful and gorgeous. If you are getting arrested, you would probably like to be arrested by some female police officer.

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