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They Saw A Mysterious Cooler Floating Towards Them. When They Opened It, They Were Surprised To See What’s Inside.

They Saw A Mysterious Cooler Floating Towards Them. When They Opened It, They Were Surprised To See What’s Inside.

What would you do when you’re enjoying the heat of the sun near the river when you suddenly noticed a cooler floating towards you? When you were a kid, summer activities were a great escape. Your only goal each day was to figure out the bigger thrill: hide and seek with the neighbor kids, a game of catch with your brother. You were completely free. Fun was your only endgame.

But as an adult now, and that comes with its own benefits: You can stay up as late as you like playing penny poker with your neighbors, rent a camper and tour the American Rivers, swim in the deep end. So when a group of men decided to hang out near an American river to have fun. There were rocks to be skipped, beers to drink and the water’s there waiting for them. As the fun begins, they were shocked to find a mysterious cooler floating towards their direction. Instead of swimming away and leaving the river in an instant, these guys even swim towards it.

After rescuing the cooler, they discovered that the styrofoam cooler has been duct taped to seal it. It appears like a scene from a horror movie where the characters found something containing the dead body. Although they weren’t sure what’s inside, they still decided to open it. One man could even be heard hoping to see cash inside. Surprisingly, the cooler doesn’t contain cash but rather something closer to a horror film’s storyline.

Have you ever experience being beside a river and stumbled across a cool-shaped rock, an arrowhead, or maybe even an old fishing pole? It can feel a little bit like you've found some sort of long-lost buried treasure. Now, imagine you found a lifeless body. Horrifying, right? What’s even more horrifying is that you wouldn’t have been the first person to do so. In fact, there are a ton of questionable things pulled out of rivers every year. Some that are disgusting and some that are fascinating.

From ancient artifacts to river monsters, read on to discover the creepiest and craziest things that have actually been found in rivers. In this story, the box contains a plastic doll that was trapped inside.

They felt relieved knowing that it didn’t contain a body of a lifeless person but just a doll. However, they still had one question in their mind: Who would trap a doll inside and let it float in the river? While others are still baffled by such discovery, there are some people who suggest that maybe, a child did it and hoped to give her doll an adventure.

As of now, no updates about the doll and the cooler were revealed. This discovery is pretty horrifying, but instead of running away, they had the guts to find out what’s inside.

If you were in their situation, would you do the same thing or you’d rather call the cops and report about the mysterious box that floats in the river?

By now you probably know that the world is a much scarier place than you thought it was when you were a kid. We all start out seeing things through rose-colored glasses and this changes rapidly as we age.

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