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This Photographer Was Surprised On How The Locations Look Now Compared To The Postcards From The 60's.

Ever Wondered How The Locations In The 1960s Postcards Look Like Today? Take A Look At These Photos.

Until the middle of the 19th century, people mailed messages to each other via the privacy of sealed letters. The idea for the postal card originated in Germany in 1865. It was the Austrian government, however, that on October 1, 1869, issued the first postal card. The early postal cards had their critics. Many people thought it was improper to mail messages on cards that anyone, especially the servants, could read. Because postal cards could be mailed for much less postage than the normal letter rate, however, they soon became a hit with the general public.

It’s no secret that these days it’s pretty rare to find postcards. Back in the days, people use postcards to see which is the best place to visit, but today, everything’s being provided by the internet. But then, have you ever wondered how the locations in the postcards look like today? Not long ago, the photographer Pablo Iglesias Maurer found an old matchbook on his desk. The matchbook has a postcard on it that showed some sort of a resort complex that was built in the 1960s. He wondered how that resort looked like today and so he decided to make a series of amazing photos called ‘Abandoned States’.

Paolo was hooked in searching for places from the postcards to see how such location looked like now. Because of that, he decided to search for different postcards and visit it, to see how much has changed.

“The postcards, have their own haze—the places were never as nice as they look. I often struggle to get the two images to line up, as well. But time blurs the difference, and brings everything into focus.”

1. The indoor pool at the Grossinger’s was already abandoned. The pool had been vacant since the late 90s and has fallen beyond repair.

2. Grossinger’s outdoor Olympic sized-pool that was built in 1949. everything had vanished.

3. The cozy ambiance in this Poconos dining hall has long been gone.

4. The Homowack Lodge turned into an abandoned place. The former bowling alley closed in the mid-2000’s.

5. Grossinger’s indoor tennis center has become some sort of a place used in horror films.

6. This infrastructure is now covered in trees.

7. Sunbathing and swimming in the Poconos aren’t recommended today because of how it changed when it was abandoned.

8. After a fire destroyed the main building in the Poconos, a replacement went up early in the 70s.

 9. Indoor pool in Grossinger’s that opened 1958 has turned into some sort of a freedom wall where artists did some writings on the walls and on the surface.

10. This theater was once considered as the resort world’s most modern showplace.

11. The peaceful ambiance in the cocktail lounge of a resort in the Poconos had also vanished.

12. The place where lifeguards used to say has now been destroyed.

13. Another indoor pool that became a place for junk after it was abandoned.

14. The Mies van der Rohe-inspired “Jenny G Wing” opened in 1964. Now, it’s quite creepy to look at it!

15. The stairs that were supposed to lead you to the theater in the Poconos, became the stairs that will somehow bring you to death.

16. Nothing much has changed, except, of course, for the fact that no one visits it today.

17. The photo showed so much difference.

18. The “Ultra-modern building houses the dining room, cocktail lounge, lobbies, and offices” has now changed into some sort of a creepy establishment.

19. This residential building at the Poconos resort was also left abandoned.

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  1. I live out in Utah and have never been here. But I seeing photos like this jmake you thnk back on how things change whether you like it or not. So much life was once there, now just a ghost town.