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Bb Gandang Hari Releases An Open Letter About His Struggles In The US.

Bb Gandang Hari releases an open letter about his struggles in the US.

All of us have goals and dreams in life. Some of it is for our family and loved ones while some are for ourselves. Yes, we set our goals in life and we do our best to achieve it. But the hardest part of our dream is the process of achieving it. Some people tend to quit while in the process and ending up losing the dream. But there are some who are so fierce and empowered that they continue the struggle and embraced the hardships along the dream that they want to achieve.

Most of the time we hear stories from people how hard the journey was to achieve the things that they have now while we hear some people share their current struggles that they bet on in order to achieve their dream. It is really hard and many of us could totally understand the pain and sacrifices that they need to make. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal star, Bb Gandang Hari. He's been the talk of the town after he releases an open letter about what's happening with him in the US. People are now going on about it on social media.

A video is now going viral on a YouTube channel featured the phenomenal actor BB Gandang Hari and his brother Robin Padilla. We all know that the Padilla brothers are really famous all over the country and they have built a huge fan base both on social media and as well in real life.

During his career in the Philippines as Rustom Padilla, he achieved a lot of success and has gained popularity. Alongside with his brothers, they took the showbiz industry by storm and many people admired the work that he did.

After a while, he announced his gender preference and decided to go through surgery. He is now known as Bb Gandang Hari a transgender actor and who is really jolly and loving towards his family. The actor has a dream and it is to pursue his career in the international scene (Hollywood). 

Recently, he is making a buzz all over social media because he wrote an open letter about the hardships that he is going through in the US. Now, fans and supporters of the Padilla brother are worried about him. They were asking if the Padillas are giving their support to the actor in the US.

In an interview, Robin Padilla was asked about the current situation about BB Gandang Hari in the US. He said that he is having a hard time there but that is the dream that he wants for his life.

Robin also was asked whether if he's helping and supporting his brother, he said that he is full support of what BB wants and he also explained that it is the common struggle of actors in the US before they rose to fame in the international scene.

Though the struggle of BB Gandang Hari continues, Robin affirmed the press that he is on the right track and he and his wife are supporting him with all they've got. He is hoping that soon BB Gandang Hari became famous in Hollywood.

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Source: Instagram | ABS-CBN


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