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Uber Driver Shares Horrifying Experience In Balete Drive.

Uber Driver Shares Horrifying Experience In Balete Drive.

The Philippines is known to have many myths and urban legends about almost everything. Filipinos know many stories to explain stuff like fruits, places, buildings, and sometimes even ghosts. There are some myths that explain how fruits were created, how streets are named, how nature was made. Filipinos also have explanations why pineapples have many eyes, how some mountains and nature were formed and they even have many stories about ghosts and creepy creatures. For some those stuff are weird and is really absurd to hear and to think of. But there are many Filipinos who still love to talk about this kind of stuff. 

There are many ghost stories here in the Philippines, especially on urban areas in Visayan provinces, because the whole Visayas is known to have very urbanized areas with a lot of trees and forest and dark areas that is why there are many stories about ghosts and other creepy stuff there. But it does not really stop in Visayas. They were just known to have many urban legends about ghost but there are many legends here in the Philippines. Even in rural areas and cities, urban legends are the talk of the town especially the urban legend, the 'White Lady of Balete Drive'.

There are many accounts about the White Lady of Balete Drive, but there are 3 who were most popular stories about it. Well, many of us know that the White Lady of Balete Drive started when a taxi driver abused a woman that took the woman's life and he threw its body on Balete Drive in Brgy. Mariana, New Manila, Quezon City, this story was the recent story about the ghost, and it was in the 1970's when this happened. And from then on the ghost keeps on showing herself to most taxi drivers.

The second account happened in the World War II when the Japanese soldiers came here in the country in 1941. It was said that they have their boot camp at Brgy. Mariana specifically in the streets of Balete Drive. Were the soldiers abused a girl that also took her life, and from then on, the ghost of the girl keeps on roaming around the place.

And the last account is that it was just a made up stories by the people of Brgy. Mariana in the early years of 1900's. The people made it up to drive away other people from the place because from those times until this very moment, prominent families live in that place, so they made up stories to scare away people.

Why am I even saying this to you? It is because of a post from January 3, 2018, Loraine Alshifa Martinez shared a screen capture of an Uber Horror story by Regis Andanar on twitter that could really give you goosebumps. 

Regis shared how his friend's cousin was able to encounter this first hand. The persona in the story is an Uber driver who had to drop off his passenger at her home. The girl even told him to get the payment from her mom which the driver happily did. 

Right after he got the payment from the mom of his passenger, he immediately came back to his car and he was not able to see his passenger. And what happened next will really give you goosebumps. 

Though there are netizens who didn't buy the story because it was an Uber driver who experienced it, and they would likely to accept it if it happened to a taxi driver. But there are many who do not care about the real deal, they just remember the creeps that have gotten into them.

Have you ever experienced this kind of creepy stuff? Share us your experience and in the comment box below.

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