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Videos Of This Teacher Dancing To The “Pasok mga suki” Dance Craze Has Gone Viral.

Filipinos, the people in the Philippines, are arguably great people. They always find a way to make hard things easy, and they would always laugh about problems without necessarily becoming irresponsible. What is the best the thing we have done for our country? Some of us might actually not know because it is impossible to do something big. Then we realize it isn’t important to how big it is. We think the best thing we’ve done for our country is to be proud that we are Filipinos.

Videos of Pinoy’s busting fiery dance moves for the “Divisoria dance challenge” have been selling in millions of views on social media. Pinoy add own spice to this viral Divisoria dance challenge. The man behind the song “Pasok mga suki” is a 50-year old vendor from Tacloban named Sammy Leuterio, a proud Filipino. According to him, he is singing to attract customers to buy his products. This song can be heard anywhere.

Now, a dance video of a teacher at the Manggahan National High School has gone viral. She is teacher Karen Grace Atienza who has been hailed by many netizens as the coolest teacher. 

Teachers play a big part in the development of kids and teens – from their knowledge to their discipline. After all, they are considered a student’s second parents. This is why it’s essential that a teacher has a good relationship with his or her students — if possible, it has to be as good as the student’s relationship with the actual parents. A teacher from Manggahan National High School, Karen Grace Atienza seems to be doing just fine in this aspect of being an educator.

Her student uploaded two videos of the teacher dancing to the “Pasok mga suki” dance craze. In this video, the teacher had a nice, friendly relationship with her students, which netizens found impressive.

The teacher appeared bashful when she appeared in the videos. As her students sang and cheered her on, this teacher became encouraged and did the steps to the dance craze. Karl Angelo Cantela, one of Atienza’s students uploaded said videos, and it has trended since. Netizens commended the teacher for being a good sport. They praised Atienza’s upbeat attitude.

Atienza became the talk of the town after her videos dancing to the “Pasok mga suki” dance craze went viral. This teacher won 2nd runner-up in the 2016 Miss Tourism Philippines pageant held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater.

People’s comments were supportive and praised the teacher’s upbeat attitude. Some said that millennials of this generation have it easy when it comes to their education. Other said that they hoped all teachers may be open and friendly like Karen, so students feel encouraged to study.

“Kapag teacher ka not all the time ikaw ang lagi magpapagawa ng mga ganyan klaseng mga eksena. Sometimes need mo din ikaw gumawa. Sabi nga sa teaching profession namin, Bago mo ipagawa sa studend make sure na kaya mo din gawin sa sarili mo. Hehe just saying magiging teacher na din po kasi ako #Gradwaiting.” - Karen Atienza

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