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Woman Shows Off The Stunning Results Of Her Life-Changing Facial Surgery.

A 20-year-old woman named Ellie Jones, made a shocking transformation after she underwent a facial surgery that fixed her rare condition! we’re all about empowerment and confidence, but like everyone, there are times when life just gets us down! Whether we’re feeling unwell, a little stressed out or are going through a life change, sometimes we simply need a confidence boost.

Ellie Jones was born with a rare condition that caused the unusual growth of her jawbones. She was born with a facial deformity condition that results in her teeth not being aligned. When she went to have her braces fitted when she was 14, the orthodontist Joy Hickman found out that her jaw stopped growing at the age of eight. Over the six years, Hickman worked with her consultant maxillofacial surgeon Emma Woolley at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd to give Ellie the life-changing transformation that she’s been dreaming off.

At the age of 16, she underwent her first operation. But today, at the age of 20, she said: “It was really painful, but had to be done to sort the problem. “I was on a liquid diet for about a month, which was really hard, and I couldn’t talk properly – I had to use a notepad to communicate.” - Ellie.

“After a while, I was able to mumble a few words, and had a lisp for a while due to how swollen my mouth was.” “The surgery paid almost immediate dividends: “About six months after it was my Year 11 prom and it looked good.” Her jaws were then cut horizontally and vertically and after a year, she endured more facial surgery on her chin. “I’d always felt like my chin was too small, so the second procedure, which was optional, made another big difference.” - Ellie.

“I mostly just felt relieved – I finally felt like I could be myself.” - Ellie. “Now I just feel normal,” said shop assistant Ellie, who lives at home with dad Simon, and the mum.

Natalie and sister Chloe, 21. “It’s worth the year of pain and my mum said what’s a year compared to the rest of your life.” “I used to dance and I used to be afraid to come to the front that after I had it done my dance teacher said she could see the difference in my confidence. “I was shy but now I feel really confident. It’s changed my whole life.”

Now, Ellie’s dreaming of being a photographer. She wanted to take photos of other people’s special moments and she’s been looking for an opportunity to pursue her dreams. She said: “The surgery has not only changed the way Ellie looked, but also the way she portrays herself. Her confidence has grown and she’s blossomed into a beautiful young lady.

Our advice, don't issue good/bad/pretty/ugly judgments when you look in the mirror. "If you have a scar, you can decide to see it as a flaw or simply as a memory of an injury". Try to take in your physical attributes the way you would those of a child or beloved friend—with appreciation and acceptance, not criticism. 

Unless you live off the grid (and if you're reading this, you probably don't), you're bombarded with media images of willowy, poreless women (case in point: the above). It's human nature to compare yourself with these images—but if you're not a supermodel, you'll come up short. Until such pictures are stamped with warning labels, when you catch yourself in the act of comparing, remember that these pictures are incredibly unrealistic—engineered by teams of lighting experts, makeup artists, and a tricky little computer application called Photoshop. 

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Source: The Sun


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