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Xander Ford "Hayaan Mo Sila" Own Version Surprises Many On Social Media.

Xander Ford Gets Mixed Reactions From People After Seeing His Recent Posts On Social Media.

People are now going crazy about the song "Hayaan Mo Sila" by a rap group called the Ex-Battalion. It was a song about a person who had a troubling relationship. He apparently discovered that his girlfriend broke up with her because of another man. The song becomes a craze all over the country because there are a lot of people who can relate to the story and the beat of the song is really good as well. It became popular all over to the point that many people make their own cover and make their own dance of the song.

People are uploading their own versions and it has become a craze all over social media. This leads to many celebrities to do the same just like Vhong Navarro and Ronnie Alonte. Now, people are all surprised after they saw a video of the social media artist Xander Ford. He's been making a buzz all over because people noticed something on his own version of the song. They are now going crazy about it and were all talking about it on social media. 

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "The Pinoy Channel" featured the social media sensation, Xander Ford. We all know that Xander Ford rose to fame on social media after going viral in different platforms that he has.

From being Marlou Arizala, the social media artist became a huge hit on the internet through his videos and song covers that he did. Later on, he decided to undergo a transformation by going through a cosmetic surgery which leads to the birth of his new identity, Xander Ford.

Since then, Xander Ford gained massive popularity across the country and he's been widely talked about by many people. He made a name for himself and has established a unique kind of persona in the showbiz industry.

Recently, the social media artist has been the talk of the town after people watched a video of him doing a cover of the craze "Hayaan Mo Sila". People were surprised by the video and they were all giving their sentiments on Xander Ford.

In the video, you will see a that Xander and his group were just walking while singing the song of Ex Battalion. While singing, you will notice that Xander made his own version of the song. He was really happy and his friends were also laughing at what they are doing.

A little while longer, some of his friends are dancing in the background and they were all enjoying Xander's song. The video immediately caught the attention of many people and they noticed that Xander Ford's song is quite different.

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

People are now giving their thoughts, comments, and sentiments to Xander and many of them are saying that the way he is singing the song is quite different. It gained many reactions from people. Some were bashing him while others are defending their idol.

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