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Yassi Pressman Captured The Attention Of The People After Her Underwater Photos Went Extremely Viral Online.

Summertime can sometimes bring an annoying media-storm that throws shade over women’s bodies. But news flash: Got a body? Then you’re already bikini-ready. Summertime comes with a slew of headlines about what your body should be like: “Getting Swimsuit-Ready with This Workout” or “Making Your Beach Body All That It Should Be,” for example.

The Filipino British actress Yasmin Isabel Pressman or more popularly known as Yassi Pressman once became a trending topic on different social media sites after her dance covers went viral online. Due to her greatness as a dancer, people claimed that she just took the title as the queen of the dance floor.

And now, she once again made waves online after a set of photos of her went viral. You know the dream where you are at the office or walking down a busy street, and you suddenly realize you are clothes off? The dream is supposed to be about shame and inadequacy, but we've long suspected that it's really about beach holidays.

They can strike an unseasonal chill into the female heart, because—unless you're a gorgeous artist or a model — a swimsuit is the most revealing thing you are ever likely to wear in public. For many women, the prospect of a beach holiday is like getting an invitation to a wonderful party with fantastic people in a beautiful setting, and then seeing that it says “dress: undergarments”.

In an article published in an online blog, it was stated that Yassi Pressman captured people’s attention because of her jaw-dropping underwater photos. Due to the fact that a lot of people wanted to find out a lot of things about her and her background, some people decided to stalk her social media accounts. With a few scrolls, they found an album that left them in total shock!

The album consists of Yassi Pressman’s underwater photos that are indeed breathtaking. The photos showed Yassi Pressman wearing a swimsuit while posing for a photo wherein half of her body is under the water. Another photo showed the glow in her figure while she was posing for a photo underwater.

A lot of people were instantly captivated by her beauty and her body! Currently, Yassi Pressman is a part of the longest-running primetime series ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ where she plays the role of Coco Martin’s leading lady.

The concept of the beach body is simple: In order to wear a swimsuit, and have it be deemed socially acceptable, you should have a specific type of figure. You should be slender but not "too" muscular. In short, you should have the body of a heavily Photoshopped celebrity that fits the profoundly narrow definition of beauty in our society. But Yassi’s body is all because of her hard work and dedication to work out every day and dance her life out.

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We'll be honest with you: It's an uphill battle feeling comfortable in a swimsuit, even if you desperately wish to be. You should be feeling focused on yourself and your enjoyment of your time at a beach, pool or party. Summer is fast approaching, folks. Throw on your favorite bathing suit, whether it's one piece or two, and enjoy it. There'll be a whole lot of people to cheer you on if you need it.

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